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Buffy/Giles recs

Buffy/Giles recs

kassrachel asked for some B/G recs, so here's my sadly short list.

Destination Unknown by Yahtzee
Set after Buffy s6 and Angel s3. Thoroughly Jossed now, but still highly satisfying, and a great example of hopeful, not-dark Buffyfic. A couple of bits:

Giles, she said to herself. GILES. Tweed man. Old guy. Slept with your MOTHER. Remembers the moon landing.


Buffy, he told himself for the ninetieth time. Buffy. She doesn't recall the 1970s. She still had stuffed animals when you met her. You slept with her mother.


Alternative Lifestyle, by A. C. Chapin
Not your typical AU, with a very different and interesting Buffy voice to it. It doesn't quite satisfy my desire for "real" Buffyverse B/G, but it's a very neat twist on the relationship and very well-written.

Passage by WorstWitch
This is the one and only first-season B/G story I've ever read that I find remotely believable -- and that's a major accomplishment. It's got the voices down, and both the hook that gets them together and the eventual resolution actually work with canon.

Electra by Kate Bolin
Post-"The Body", this is a short, dark, tightly-written piece.

Essential Fragility by K. V. Wylie
A dark but ultimately hopeful AU that takes off from the Mayor's Ascension. Buffy/Willow/Giles.

B is for Buffy by A. E. Berry.
Part of a never-finished alphabet of Giles-centered erotica. Not really believable, and it needs a good going-over by a beta, but it happens to hit my not-so-secret kink of Watcher being subordinate to Slayer in a vaguely mystical kind of way.

Lolita by Naomi Adams
(You have to be a member of the yahoogroup bg-fanfic to follow the above link.)
The formatting is a pain and a half to deal with, and I don't entirely buy the characterization, but it's an interesting and readable tale.

Desecration by Alex Dollard
Dark, but well-written. I don't want to see this Buffy and Giles, but if I look at current canon out of the corners of my eyes, there they are.

Not Always and Realization by Giuliana
Season 6 fic, before and after Giles leaves.

I've also got a couple of other B/G pieces on my fanfic page, but that's the extent to which I will toot my own horn. *g*

Anyone else have others they can rec?
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