astolat (astolat) wrote,

Oblivious, SGA

Oblivious, SGA, Sheppard/McKay. 8,240 words.
NOTE: Spoilers through The Siege, Part 2. Everything post-Siege 2 is just speculation.

Many many thanks to julad and kaneko for betaing this over and over and over, to cesperanza for forcing me to go back and add 3,000 words when I was literally five minutes away from posting the earlier version *cries* (Yes, okay, fine, it's much better! *mutter*), and to terrio for spit-and-polish final pass.

Summary: In which Rodney and John fail to pay attention.

( Read the story )

eta to change to permanent link!

And while I'm posting, here's another sga_flashfic piece I posted for last week's Swimming/Water challenge:

Can't Have One Without The Other, Sheppard/McKay. 3,225 words.
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