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September 2019



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Oblivious, SGA

Oblivious, SGA, Sheppard/McKay. 8,240 words.
NOTE: Spoilers through The Siege, Part 2. Everything post-Siege 2 is just speculation.

Many many thanks to julad and kaneko for betaing this over and over and over, to cesperanza for forcing me to go back and add 3,000 words when I was literally five minutes away from posting the earlier version *cries* (Yes, okay, fine, it's much better! *mutter*), and to terrio for spit-and-polish final pass.

Summary: In which Rodney and John fail to pay attention.

( Read the story )

eta to change to permanent link!

And while I'm posting, here's another sga_flashfic piece I posted for last week's Swimming/Water challenge:

Can't Have One Without The Other, Sheppard/McKay. 3,225 words.


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I haven't even read this yet, but I just wanted to tell you that your prolificness fills me with such glee.
It's much, much better! < / smug >
*flings self at you in gratitude*
Oh, god, I needed this so much today I can't even tell you. There's a lot I love about this pairing, but I love the humor that's always under everything, the fights, the drama, the sex.
"you meant top as in from the bottom?"
I could not love your Rodney any more. There's not enough love in the world. *g*

And this:
"Well, I mean, probably I would, if they were hot. But that's not the point.
is what made me fall first. Because yes, that is really Rodney. I also loved his confession/conversation with Elizabeth. hee.

John was pretty interesting here too. His last line was just awesome. The story is so funny, but it's really touching and dramatic too. It's a fantastic combination. *g*
I am awash in pure GLEE! If I weren't surreptitiously reading fic at work, I'm be flailing about and giggling.

I love your John and Rodney so much!

Oh, clueless, clueless Rodney.
I can't tell you how much I enjoyed this. You hit both characters just perfectly.

Um... think I'm going to read it again now. :)
You know, I make myself work for your stuff. Most fic, I just click and read, but your work is such a reward! Fantastic and really appreciated -every single time.
I am so glad your writing SGA- you appear to be having an extraordinary amount of FUN writing these two characters- your writing style is so joyful and therefore brilliantly entertaining. Lovely!
Oh, see, right now I have to give props to cerperanza, because I am a total size queen when it comes to my fics. Yay for that extra 3000 words. ;) (You'll note I'm deserately hoping for another 45,000+ word story. Yes.)

Also, this is hilarious and sad and painful all at once. I love the way you have John reacting to both his injury and the build-up of Rodney's expectations and the combination of frustration and compliance that leads to actual enjoyment is just perfect.
Oh, I liked this. That last line was perfect.
What a wonderful story!! I loved it, from the rotflmao humor to the omg angst. Even when I was still teary-eyed, Rodney or John would say or do something that made me laugh. I adored how John kept trying to tell Rodney they weren't dating and either Rodney was all, yeah, yeah, whatever, or John just couldn't do it, and how he slowly came to realize that maybe Rodney was right. The last couple of lines? So. Bloody. Perfect. *vbg*
I am making incoherent noises on the floor. I have no words.

I fucking LOVE you.
I love this! Love love love! Oh God, I'm so happy :)

Thank you!
That was wonderful! Lovely ending.
This was a really fantastic story. Love how we see it from Rodney's point of view and then from John's. Love how caring for and about Rodney snuck up on John. Oh and the sex scene's were great. Great story and love the ending.
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