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Vids, vids, vids

I'm too wiped out to even think about doing a real report, but here's my attempt at Vividcon in five minutes. Also, my three premiering vids from the con are now up at:

Jig of Life
Witchblade vid, song by Kate Bush.

The Mountain, with melinafandom
LOTR vid, song by Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer.

Drop Dead Gorgeous
Smallville vid, song by Republica

Would love any/all feedback on these! :)

  1. Vroom, vroom. Ack, ticket! Hate Ohio.
  2. Arrive at hotel. Minor unsuccessful struggle with desk to get room not behind elevators.
  3. Yay, tzikeh says all the shows are burned!
  4. Go out to Japanese restaurant for dinner. Restaurants apparently close at 10pm in this strange foreign land.
  5. Discover excellent Cuban restaurant still open just as despair about to set in. Yay.
  6. Zzzzzz.


  1. Pancakes! Mmm.
    (Any mention of any road rage incident on the way back from pancakes is A COMPLETE FABRICATION AND TOTALLY FALSE. Also, that chick in the SUV totally deserved it.)
  2. lapillus and jackiekjono got me a llama! *pets*
  3. Rescue of llama from evil molesters in con suite. *glares*
  4. Equipment guys arrive. Despite about twenty pre-con phone exchanges, some cables & connectors missing. Argh. Also, mixers v. large and scary-looking.
  5. Dance floor guys arrive, yay.
  6. Equipment guys arrive with missing equipment, yay.
  7. Concom meeting and actual setup strangely non-frantic. Left with disquieting sense that there ought to have been more running around.
  8. Confusion reigns as realize con does not actually start until next day. Eventually go to bed to let this sort itself out.

  1. Amy appears with chocolate-chip banana bread. Yay! Feel invincible, as all appears to be going smoothly.
  2. Moment of panic as we realize there is no obvious way to get heresluck's file for the first panel to appear on screen.
  3. Jury-rigging ensues, involving two laptops, camcorder, rca converter, Final Cut Pro, Windows Movie Maker, and an iPod.
  4. Success! Yay!
  5. New moment of panic as jury-rigging will not work for nestra and par_avion's files. Fortunately, they have alternative vids to show, whew.
  6. Quiet relaxing dinner with laurashapiro at steakhouse next door to hotel, reduced from its former days of glory before the Outback opened, now calling itself a bistro. Grilled duck breast vaguely resembles beef jerky.
  7. Club Vivid setup also strangely painless. Glowsticks!
  8. With rivkat and geekturnedvamp, try and fail to talk cesperanza into wearing Japanese cheerleader outfit to Club Vivid.
  9. Dance, dance!
  10. Yay, sisabet likes my Smallville vid!
  11. Ow, feet hurt, tired. Zzzz.

  1. Call dance floor people repeatedly as they do not show up on time. Frazzle poor thing 2 of flummery while trying to figure out how to make anime vidshow take place simultaneously with floor removal.
  2. jmtorres wins VividCon Badge of Courage for Vividsection. Also, wickedwords brilliant.
  3. Go and sit brainlessly in vidshows for most of afternoon. Vids pretty.
  4. Go back to bistro for dinner. Wait for dinner while reminiscing with gwyn_r over exciting memories of Carl's Jr. from pre-Premieres dinner run at Escapade in 2003. Possibly jinx selves, as food continues to not arrive. Eventually demand food to-go and squeeze out from under table, as showtime approaching rapidly.
  5. Premieres show! Yay! Vids!
  6. Get #$!@!$! Nick Carter song from merryish's vid stuck in head. Argh. However, Clark and Lex v. pretty.
  7. Boys Keep Swinging: Daniel. Arms. Guh. Also, feeling strange impulse to write SG-1 orgy story after destina's vid.
  8. elynross has snagged tape of premieres. Tag along after to her room to watch vids.
  9. Get to see Chibi Things (That Kill) for first time. Always thought that Pikachu character looked shifty.
  10. Zzzz.

  1. Zzzzz. Zzzzzz. What time is it again?
  2. Manage to stagger into vid review just before it starts. sockkpuppett noticed the circular vs. linear movement in The Mountain! Yay.
  3. sisabet shows how she did effects in Without You I'm Nothing vid. OMG LEX IS LOSING MEMORIES. Feel stupid for not getting it before. Also, want to use echo effect now.
  4. Go watch challenge vids. BAD FREAKING IDEA, as will now be dead in seven days thanks to permetaform's Ring vid. Great. Make note to require vidders of potentially-fatal material to be present in future.
  5. Scurry around to get equipment broken down, so have to miss auction vids. sniffle.
  6. Calls from the Public: complaints all seem to be about pillows and hotel coffee: not our fault. Yay! Also, everyone okay with earlier deadline for next year.
  7. Wait, is the con over? Sad.
  8. Watch Chibi Things while eating popcorn shrimp and coconut-covered ice cream, followed by singing and champagne in pool. Am somewhat consoled.
  9. Hang out in flummery's room along with half of con, apparently, until the_shoshanna kicks us out. Hmph, like she really needed to sleep or something.
  10. Beg elynross and sockkpuppett to let me come hang out in their room, as cesperanza off wandering and am still too freaked out by Ring vid to be alone.
  11. Bump into cesperanza on way to their room, so can sleep.

  1. Have what feels like oddly smaller amount of baggage than when coming.
  2. Catch people going out to pancakes and catching planes and say hurried goodbyes. Sniffle.
  3. Diner breakfast, back on the road, zzzzz.
  4. Successfully get back to mom's place. Discover we left ceiling light on in Ces's car and will have to jump it in the morning.
  5. Still freaked out over Ring vid. Still have Nick Carter song in head. Grrr.

  1. Put geekturnedvamp outside garage with instructions to call 911 if we keel over from carbon monoxide poisoning.
  2. Jump car in garage. No apparent signs of dying, but have seen Ring vid, so clearly must be on guard.
  3. Drive back to city. Vroom, vroom--OMGWTF, giant piece of metal in road, swervvvvve. Ring vid STRIKES AGAIN. All permetaform's fault.
  4. Take wrong exit while trying to call state police to report giant piece of metal in road, circle back.
  5. 90 minute delay at GW bridge?!? Venture onto unknown route and manage to get to Lincoln Tunnel instead.
  6. Home! Yay!
  7. (STILL have Nick Carter song in head. Hate merryish.)

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