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Game of Thrones

I've been ranting over on tumblr at length, but I figured I would also just throw out for the record my final depressed predictions for the season finale:

What I think will happen, all of which I very much DNW:
- Grey Worm dies trying to save Dany
- Arya kills Dany
- Dany has dying vision of being with Drogo again
- Bronn kills Tyrion with the crossbow
- Arya goes back to the Faceless Men
- Jon Snow being unhappily crowned king with Sansa smiling in the crowd
- Drogon flies off and lays dragon eggs as final scene

Minor alternative options:
- Arya kills Drogon instead
- Jon kills Dany and takes the black and goes north
- bewildered Gendry is crowned king as Robert's only heir
- less-bewildered Tyrion is crowned as Cersei's only heir
- Sansa ends up as queen either herself or by marrying one of them

What would actually be interesting:
- attempts to kill Dany fail
- Dany executes everyone who tried
- Dany ends up crowned queen and we all hate it, thanks

In retrospect that would be a really brilliant way to do Dany getting the throne--which on the face of it seemed from the moment she set sail with her three dragons and massive armies like the stupidly obvious outcome--but in a way subverts traditional storytelling and fantasy tropes of the noble destined king. Taking away her legitimacy WOULD mean something then; that story is better and more true to GOT if she's not actually the rightful heir to the throne, if she takes it with the excuse of being close enough and with sheer brutality and by beating everyone else in the death count, if the show doesn't let us CHEER for her getting the throne, if the show is teasing us with noble Jon Snow only to yank him away like Lucy with the football: ha ha you thought nobility and honor and right means shit?

Even if that does happen, it won't repair the garbage writing of this season, and they could have gotten here so much more skillfully, but at least it would be SOMETHING. So it won't happen! :P

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