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Signal Boost: Chocolate Box pinch hits up for grabs

[personal profile] dorinda posted: Chocolate Box pinch hits up for grabs

If you feel like writing a story of at least 300 words by Tuesday, consider pinch hitting for Chocolate Box! It's a relationship-based challenge (/ or &), so keep that in mind when reading the requests.

The easiest way to browse the pinch-hits is by just looking at the comm, [community profile] chocolateboxcomm ; they're up in two recent posts, "pinch hits 28-50" and "pinch hits 51-73". That way you can just skim the fandom names.

But if you'd like direct links to the full posts: one and two.

eta: Fanartists, many of these prompts are for sketches/fanart too! Take a look if you can!

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