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Dear Chocolatier

Dear Chocolatier,

What I'd love is if my prompt does for you the thing that makes me so happy when a prompt does it for me, namely it unlocks either a story that's been trying to happen, or shows me how to finish a story that's somewhere halfway, or gets me working or playing in a different direction in a fandom or pairing, leads me somewhere that I wouldn't have gone without that spark coming in from outside. And if what comes out doesn't exactly match what I asked for, that's fine! Please take my requests as input and not as instructions. :D

Also I am absolutely equally happy for art and fic!

So I've got separate prompts for the Transformers canons but I'm also perfectly happy to have them mashed up or crossed over or fused or IDK what one would even call it -- I tend to harvest elements from different canons and throw them in myself.

G1: Megatron/Nightbird, Megatron/Optimus -- I loved the Nightbird episode SO MUCH as a small astolat and I still love it unironically now. I found the episode with the female Autobots incredibly irritating -- the chauvinism of Optimus insisting he has to leave Elita behind because it's too dangerous for her to come with him to Earth (wtf) masquerading as chivalry -- and by contrast this one where Megatron literally sends Nightbird off to face all the Autobots, threatens to make her 2nd in command, and where she basically does wipe the floor with all of them -- little Megatron-loving me was SO HAPPY, okay.

And as you can probably see if you look at my TF stories, I've gone whole-hog Megatron/Optimus lately; I am always a sucker for antagonist ships (conflict! in my romance! awesome!), and you really don't get more antagonist, lol. Anyway I mentioned the sex pollen trope in the prompt because I feel like it's a fun way to rapidly send the relationship careening off in a new direction, but any way you want to mash them together will make me happy. I'd say, I like the most when they're both "right" in their own ways and it's all nicely tragic, rather than Good Autobots vs Evil Decepticons (or for that matter Evil Autobots vs Good Decepticons).

TFA: Megatron/Optimus -- in most canons, Megatron is pretty much obsessed with Optimus, so I love that in this one he's all "who?" and Optimus is so young and uncertain that he's so much more approachable. Also the size difference. cough.

TFP: Megatron/Optimus -- and here, it's the total opposite, I could literally write volumes about the issues I have with Optimus betraying the revolution and so clearly could Megatron, lol, but I feel like you sort of have to get past the show TOTALLY FAILING TO UNDERSTAND THE IMPLICATIONS OF THEIR POLITICS OMG--er sorry--and just enjoy the delicious angst of the two mechs who were in love and perhaps still can't bring themselves to kill the other and maybe something happens to force them either to admit their love or to push them together?

D&D Cartoon -- It's all Eric, all the time! I really just love him and want anything!

X-Men Original Movies -- Logan/Rogue, man, how sad am I that the movies did NOTHING with Rogue or this relationship after the first one where it was the absolute heart of the thing! And wasting all the time on the Logan/Jean/Scott triangle, where I'm sorry I spend the entire time yelling at Jean "SCOTT, SCOTT, ARE YOU CRAZY, STOP BLOWING UP YOUR LIFE, SCOTT" and also get deeply irritated about how these movies really don't want to give women power and agency. ANYWAY -- Logan/Rogue! They were so great!

And my crazy hail-mary crossover prompt: Lucard/Lacroix, Lucard from Dracula: the Series which five other people have even seen, and Lacroix from Forever Knight, because I love incredibly powerful five-hundred-year-old vampires running into EVEN MORE powerful thousand-year-old vampires and I feel deeply that this would be awesome even though I haven't been able to write it myself.

And hey, I can totally count this list as requests for the snowflake challenge day 6! :D

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