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Dreamwidth tips!

Just a handful I've seen people needing and one I had forgotten myself:

Here's how you get things like [ profile] astolat:
<user name=astolat>

Here's how you do a read more:
<cut text="read more">

Hover your cursor over the little "person" icon next to their name (like in this: [personal profile] astolat) and a little menu will appear with "subscribe" and "grant access" and you can click it and it will add the person without having to load a separate page or click twice.

[personal profile] tenlittlebullets's post reminded me: if you are surfing a prompt meme where people leave prompts in comments, then if it is a paid account (you can gift paid time to a community if it isn't) you can search the comments using search (the search link will be on the community profile):

(If you buy paid time for a big community it will take a little bit before the whole community gets searchable, but then eg you can search for your favorite pairing or character or kink only.)

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