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May 2019



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Person of Interest: [Vid] When I Ruled The World (Reese/Finch)

My vid from the premieres show at Vividcon 2013! 

[Vid] When I Ruled The World (423 words) by astolat
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Person of Interest (TV)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Harold Finch/John Reese
Characters: Harold Finch, John Reese, Nathan Ingram, Kara Stanton, Jessica Arndt
Additional Tags: Video, Fanvids, Artist: Coldplay, Viva La Vida

Be my mirror, my sword and shield.

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Oh, how wonderful! All of the foundations and steps that got them to where they are :) John on the stretcher is one of the most vulnerable things I've ever seen. I love Viva La Vida too. Lovely! And I just realized I don't have a POI icon, d'oh.
Oh wow... sometimes for me a new vid is like a new episode and it's that way with this one. All the steps that got them together and their pasts, love and pain and now their bond that is keeping them alive. Sigh. Lovely.
OMG, total overload of feels! I'm so in love with this vid, it's not even funny. You linked together all the connections (big and small) between Reese and Finch that made me such a goner for the pairing. I could watch this vid 100x and want to watch it 100 more.
Person of Interest, distilled down to concentrated essence of awesome.
man, that was stunning. Also, man, I need to watch this show...

I really, really loved it; the musicality was fantastic, and I especially loved the lyric matches. My favorite was the repeated use of foreign field as a tragic, bad landscape, and then finally as...happiness and togetherness. Foreign for these guys, no doubt! You really communicated their isolation very well, and its contrast to their friendship.


Also excellent after effects work!

Edited at 2013-08-18 06:51 pm (UTC)

A mate recommended that I come over and check out this vid and I'm glad she did.

The song works beautifully and I really enjoyed your choice of clips and how you edited them to the song.

I love this pairing anyway but this vid brought back the warm fuzzy feelings full force.

Thanks. :D

Ahhh they are SUCH KNIGHTS <3

I love how dark and poignant you've turned the song by applying their life stories to it (not surprising since they basically form a suicide pact in the pilot), but then open it up with possibilities with all the rescued "irrelevants" and the Machine on the loose. OH, THIS SHIP. OH, MY HEART. ♥
Lovely and sweet (in their completely-emotionally-repressed way) - made me look forward to the show coming back! I liked the changing POV and way you used the musical rises especially.

(...also for some reason the ad that ran over it for me read "What's the secret to being a great kisser?", so apparently Google agrees with the slash...!)
Hi again. Is it okay with you if I rec this vid on the Person of Interest discussion forum site and post a link? If yes, would you prefer I link to it on YouTube or to your post on AO3?
oh, always! And the AO3 post, if you don't mind! I don't have much confidence in youtube tbh, at least the AO3 post I can edit if the vid gets yanked. :P
I liked the narrative structure and the use of lyrics in relation to the characters and story lines. The use and creation of the machine sections was especially lovely.
This is beautifully done!!