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fanfic lifetime stats

omg, I have finished uploading my entire back catalogue to my AO3 account \o/ (sorry for the notification spam over the last few days if you're subscribed to me! I tried to batch them up as much as I could!)

total count: 1,646,005 words in 330 works in 54 fandoms (there are more fandoms than that listed but that's because of some cases of multiple related fandom tags)

earliest work posted: 1994

longest work: Revelations, 51,459 (and it'll be longer once I finish it, which will be SOON)

fandom with most stories: American Idol RPF Season 8, with 44 (I just split off the season 7 and season 8 stories from one another which is why it's not showing up in my dashboard right now)

number of fandoms with only one story: 25

I would love to see more people upload their full catalogues to the archive -- do it and see your lifetime numbers! *pom-poms* :D

FWIW, the way I uploaded the back stories was like so:

0) Assuming that all your stories are formatted roughly equally, try importing one and see how it comes out. If it imports the content at all, proceed. Otherwise sadly you are kind of stuck doing them one at a time, sigh. :P

1) Do multi-story fandoms one fandom at a time, you can paste in the URLs for up to 25 stories at once.

2) Ticky the overriding tags box ("Set the following tags on all stories")

3) Put in the AO3 canonical tag for the fandom

4) Optionally, put in the other tags that are most common on these stories -- ie, if you wrote 10 stories and 8 of them were one pairing, go ahead and put in that pairing; if they were mostly slash, ticky slash.

5) Put the tag "imported" in the "Additional Tags" field

6) If you feel lucky (and are fairly confident from your results in step 0 that the import will go well), ticky "Post without previewing" -- posting as you import pretty much guarantees that all the story notifications will end up batched together so you aren't spamming your subscribers.

7) Go! Then edit tags on any stories whose tags shouldn't be whatever you put in during step 4.

The idea here is, the most important thing is to just get the stories up fast! So import them in batches, slapping on the most generally appropriate tags via the importer, add the "imported" tag. Then, as time permits, you can review the stories tagged "imported" one at a time to clean them up and make them look nicer and add more tags. And after you review a story and clean it up, you take off the "imported" tag so you know it's already clean. :)

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