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ebook help! also Idol RPF: Carcharodon Interruptus, Personal Appearance, and uh, that other one

Google-fu is failing me on this matter :'( so I come paging my flist! It looks like we have the basic ebook functionality working pretty well, and the big question is -- dun dun dun -- how to include metadata, like fandom, character, relationships, tags, etc.

Rather than (just) including the header as text right on the story, I am hoping there is some way to put this information into the ebooks in some more useful and searchable way, so that people could (eg) sort their fic ebooks by fandom, or whatnot.

Does anyone out there know the specs for how to put custom metadata into mobi or epub or pdf files, in a way that actually is available to common reader devices/software?

Any info appreciated! ♥

Also, cough, have some more teamcockbert places porn?

Carcharodon Interruptus
Adam/Kris, "in a boat that has sunk and there's only 5 minutes of air left and there's a SHARK" (credit to [personal profile] mollyamory for awesome title)

Personal Appearance
Adam/gloryhole \o/

Adam/Kris, in a nightmare/tentacles prompt, warnings for EVERYTHING NO REALLY

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