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Okay, so this first one landed in my inbox while I was on a plane to LA and OMG.

nerjav has made a story trailer for Crown of the Summer Court. It is FREAKING BRILLIANT, guys. I had no idea how she could have done this and then I watched it and flailed and rewatched it and flailed some more, because she got EVERYTHING. She got the TREE. She got the grail! She got the flogging! She got the entire story. It's all there.


Seriously. GO WATCH IT. Incredible. *___*

Also, dun has indeed put up the KRADAM CHIBI ART OF JOY so now all of you should go over there and roll around in heaps of adorablest art including Kradam lying in heap of glittery costumes and doing the DSB dance ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥!

chibi art teaser

Go look!

Also also:
  • this round of cathalin's fabulous kradam_kiss is still open until Wednesday, and already full of heaps of awesome.

  • ontd_ai has just finished up another round of kink meme (thanks to like five deadline extensions I managed to get a fun but bizarro one in for the very last bit) -- you have to be a member to read but they have opened up membership again, so go over! (just don't add the comm to your flist or you will die.)

  • HA I have figured out the architecture for challenges on the AO3 which you might think you don't care about and isn't awesome but you would be WRONG because we will be able to support any challenge ever and ones people haven't invented yet SO THERE. :P

  • And to wrap up this collection of awesome, the reason I was on that plane to LA was for Adam Lambert's killer Gridlock NYE performance (link goes to hooplamagnet's fabulous roundup of videos/pics) where I got to hang all-too-briefly with [profile] melina123 and [personal profile] hafital, and also meet many fabulous benches from the magical lands of [profile] hooplamagnet and Twitter. \o/

Meanwhile, I feel like I have missed EVERYTHING in the last few weeks that wasn't actually emailed to me and some things that *were*, so if YOU have read/watched something awesome, omg hit me with a rec? (Except I have read [personal profile] toft's brilliant Mythbusters RPF BDSM which was hilarious genius in sort of the same spiritual vein as the Care Bears BDSM, where you're like "and in this other universe two steps over to the left...")

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