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all invites out! and collecting up the "what happens next" answers

Whew, all the invites for chosen_wip (the moderated comm where I will be writing the Kradamaty-inspired origfic) are now out -- if you donated and don't have an invite at, let me know and I will resend! (If you are late to the party and still want to sign up, just head over to the intro post for details. And part one of the story is up!

Here are all the answers to the "what happens next" questions from the charity. :D

what Katy was thinking in City of a Thousand Wonders, for dreadnought

When Katy raced out sword in hand to face Paula, I think she was really excited in a way, because she has been training ALL HER LIFE to do battle with these creatures, and though she's not afraid of dying, she is afraid of never getting a chance to fight back against them while they creep around the world quietly and horribly destroying helpless victims, and she hated it that Kris was going off alone to fight Clive even though she is very practical and knew that it had to be that way.

And then afterwards, she was even more excited, because she wasn't really hoping for them to do anything more than to *hurt* Paula, because Paula was one of the really old ones; so she is pretty much looking at Adam and seeing giant sparkly nuclear weapon, sitting right there, ready to be used on all the rest! So she was entirely ready to drag Kris off and inform him that it was totally his duty to seduce Adam into helping with the cause if need be. *g*

what's going on in Cook's head in Time Of Your Life, for likealocket

At the end in TOYL when Archie sings Prayer for the Dying, Cook basically has the flip side of Archie's epiphany when Cook sang Closer at the start of the story -- Cook is having that same moment of intense personal attraction for the first time. And then in the villa, I think what tips him over the edge, even though he's not in that moment completely convinced that it's a good idea, is that Archie has actually been really consistent about wanting him throughout the whole story -- and not in a kind of emo moping desperate way but fairly maturely, so Cook can really believe in the attraction as an adult thing and not think of it as just a crush.

And meanwhile I think Cook has also gotten to a place thanks to all of the sort of hollow dating experiences where he personally is valuing emotional honesty and seeing Archie as a lot more real and strong than the other partners he's been with, so by that point, when Archie makes the final move, having in the meantime gotten some experience, I think Cook is still not *quite* sure he's doing the right thing, but convinced enough that he is going to take the risk.

the time between Give Us Georgia and the shot in House of the Living, for glambertfan

v sad! ;____;

So I think Matt is trying really hard not to think at all that whole afternoon -- he's afraid, and he very much doesn't want to die. He doesn't completely believe in it, which makes it even harder -- he feels fine, and the whole day has been so unreal; only a little more than twenty-four hours before they were sitting in a stadium waiting to perform. But the horror of the zombies, of seeing what they become, is really strong, and he knows intellectually there is no escape. It just doesn't seem fair.

I think that as he walks out alone, after he leaves the apartment, he lets himself be angry at Adam. I don't think he realizes that it was a conscious choice on Adam's part, Matt is too wound up to analyze that distance, but he just knows that Adam got the one jumping on Mike Sarver first and his second, and that's the difference that means he's going to die. He won't let himself feel that way while he's in the apartment with Adam, because he loves Adam and all the others and won't do that to them, but afterwards he needs the energy of being angry to carry him away and through with the act.

what happens next in Moving On, for denitta

Clark and Lex totally live happily ever after, although Clark gets somewhat exasperated when Lex sort of accidentally gets into a war with the Andromeda Galaxy and conquers that too, and Lex is irritated when Clark insists on his creating a parliament and at least making gestures towards democracy, but is eventually won over after he realizes this gives him more time to spend with Clark, and they go through a rough patch over having more children; Clark really kind of wants another child and Lex doesn't, but that turns out to be a sense of anxiety over turning into his dad and treating his children as competitors, and after he gets over that he ends up swinging the other way and wanting a dozen, who all grow up to terrorize the galaxy in various ultimately benevolent ways.

do the Davids succeed with their plan to steal the former idols from 19E in Mastermind, for saba1789 (hee, I like this one)

The Davids will ABSOLUTELY succeed, and in fact Kris is a ~recruit~ of theirs. However, Adam comes out of nowhere and throws a wrench in their plans -- they are quite anxious as he is sucking up all the buzz and at the same time is perfectly and innocently happy to stay with 19E as long as he is allowed to sing awesome songs and set himself on fire occasionally.

So Kris has to seduce Adam into the new Idol collective, which he is initially resentful about as he is straight and does not appreciate the Davids pimping him out to this lunatic, except then the actual sex is fabulous. And then it turns out Adam was totally planning to join them all along but played hard to get pretty much just so Kris would be forced to put out for him.

what happens after House of the Living with Kris and Katy

Kris and Adam end up at the hotel that night after the end of House of the Living, and after Adam falls asleep, Kris goes to sit in the bathroom and calls Katy to tell her. Katy is wounded, but not completely surprised -- Kris has been receding from her fast since the incident, and his refusal to talk about what happened with Adam during the escape made her suspect that their earlier unresolved attraction -- which I think she was aware of -- had progressed to something further.

She tries to talk him into holding off on making any sudden changes -- she wants them to go to counseling first, and for him to go to therapy, because she thinks this is 95% reaction to the trauma. And Kris thinks she's probably right, but he doesn't think that makes a difference -- therapy isn't going to make the trauma go away, and apart from what he needs himself, Adam needs him desperately right now, too, and Katy doesn't -- in fact he is feeling like all he can do for Katy right now is mess her up while she fails to reach him, where for Adam he can actually help and be helped.

They quietly arrange a separation, and Kris gives Katy pretty much everything in the divorce settlement, and he and Adam stay completely discreet in public for the next year and keep separate places in LA, even though everyone guesses, until they finally get a break and go away to a private island, and a paparazzo charters a sailboat and manages to get photos of them on the beach together that sell for more than a million dollars.

Synaesthesia--does Kris ever realize that Adam sorta drugged him, and what does he think about it? Is there a whole race of people with tentacles somewhere?, for cincodemayogirl

Not a whole race -- I think of this as a more X-Men type of universe, full of individual mutants who have different weird powers and quirks, and Adam's happens to be weird druggy glitter-tentacles. *g*

I think Kris knows even in the moment that he's being drugged, and Adam is also drugged, and afterwards he feels a little guilty about it but also craves the experience again. I think Adam is the one who's more upset and skittish afterwards -- his body just up and DID this crazy thing, just when he'd gotten comfortable in his own skin, and he both feels guilty for what he did to Kris and also on some level angry that Kris brought out that reaction in him -- I kind of envision Kris having been quite a lot of a tease in this AU before this incident. So it ends up being Kris who has to pursue Adam after and coax him into letting it happen again, even though Adam pretty desperately wants it too.

In Duende, do the Navy ever figures out that Stephen was the Intangible and what they decide to do about it, for aesvir

Yes, it all comes out a while later: Jack doesn't let it slip at all (he can be close-mouthed when he needs to be), but when they are next in London while Jack is trying to get another ship, he is insulted by another senior sea-officer and Stephen has to fight for him again. In London high-level duels often become a public event unless the participants try to avoid it, which the opponent doesn't, and Stephen is recognized by his style. There is more than a little muttering about unfairness and Jack's damned luck, but a bond can't be broken, and so the Navy just promotes Jack to take advantage both of his increased abilities and of Stephen's skill. :D

what happens next in the Kradam Prison AU, for mistresscurvy

Adam was originally in minimum security prison for a relatively minor drug offense (he knew he shouldn't have agreed to take the package, but it was that or do some awful "Debbie Does Dallas" dinner theater strip revue), but he got into a shoving match with another inmate who was trying to rape a third prisoner, and the guy slipped and whacked his head on a table and ended up in a coma, which got Adam upgraded.

At this point he's just trying to keep himself together and fly under the radar until he can get parole, which is why he's not thrilled at Ryan handing him someone to look after, but he knows very well staying on the guards' good side is important. Plus Kris is really adorable and also clearly messed up, and Adam feels so sorry for him, and also Adam has been badly deprived, so being handed this on a silver platter in a way he can convince himself isn't coercion is incredibly tempting.

I think he likes it and likes Kris a lot more than he expects to, and Kris likes him back, and there's a piano in the rec room and the two of them end up singing together while Kris plays, and having fairly ridiculous amounts of sex, and writing music, and somehow together they survive the next couple of years, and then Adam gets parole and Kris's lawyers get him out on appeal, and the two of them cut an album in Little Rock and end up getting signed together.

What is Adam thinking/feeling in the freckles ficlet? for lferion

I think Adam knows damn well that Kris is attracted to him, and he's attracted back, but he's never going to make the first move -- he's not above giving Kris small intimacies to lure him, but he doesn't want Kris if Kris has to be seduced. He wants Kris to choose him, because he knows otherwise it won't work. And when Kris finally comes to his room that night, he is choosing, and Adam's so happy, and he is happy to just sit quietly while Kris cleans off his makeup and let Kris work up to kissing him at last. <3

In City of a Thousand Wonders, does Kris or anyone else know about Adam being a "power sink" before the big Clive show down, for cellia

Yes, Kris knows by then -- I think over the summer he has seen Adam pretty much soaking up all the fan energy and realizes that Adam can share it, and that's why he asks in that first battle if Adam will let him have some of it. And I think on one hand, Kris is really worried for Adam because of it, so afraid that if Clive got his hands on Adam he would destroy what makes Adam special, and Kris couldn't bear that. And I think Kris also finds Adam deeply irresistible and instinctively wants to touch that energy in him, but he wouldn't even ask because it would be intrusive and wrong, wrong, wrong, but then in the battle, it is almost an excuse to ask Adam, and then Adam says yes and it is a million times more amazing than Kris anticipated.

In Eggplant, what happens when Lex discovers that Clark kept on lying to him about being an alien, for teneagles

Eggplant, I am not actually sure. I think Lex is still very much in danger of going darkside in Eggplant, and a lot will depend on when and how he finds out. Hmm -- okay: Lionel finds out about the relationship and then proceeds to investigate Clark and discover his powers. He's torn whether to expose Clark to Lex for the emotional lesson of not trusting anyone, but his lust for power wins out, so instead he arranges for Clark to be abducted. Lex goes hunting for Clark and finds the information in Lionel's files about Clark's abilities. He's angry and really hurt, but Clark is in active danger, and Lionel is planning a series of horrific experiments. Lex out-thinks Lionel and rescues Clark, destroying Lionel's lab and also leaving him open for a major EPA investigation; he gets Clark back to his parents and leaves him there.

Clark comes uncertainly over to Lex's place the next day. Clark is confused and nervous, and he tries to pass off the abduction as Lionel being irrational. Lex loses his temper and throws the decanter he's been sucking brandy from all morning into the fire and yells at Clark for lying to him, failing to trust him, and most of all treating him like he's an idiot, even though Lex grants he's been behaving like one by taking Clark at face value all this time. He tells Clark to get out.

Clark is broken up and miserable. His parents are deeply relieved, having by now figured out that they were dating, except his mom is also worried about Clark being hurt. Clark sneaks away from school the next day and goes over to talk to Lex, but the mansion is empty and being closed up by the remaining servants: Lex is gone. Clark runs to Metropolis, except Lex isn't there, either; Clark overhears a couple of servants saying he's gone to New York.

Over the next few days, Clark tries to call Lex and gets voicemail; his emails go unanswered. He finally confides in his parents about the relationship; his dad pretty much ends up saying it couldn't work -- he can't trust Lex, and so Lex is going to resent him, and that's the end of it. Except Clark decides that the only way out of that is if he takes the leap of faith and does trust Lex, and he goes outside despite their protests and runs all the way to New York, finds Lex, and breaks into Lex's apartment where Lex is sitting up not asleep, staring out at the skyline. And Lex turns and sees Clark there, impossibly, as good as a confession, and Clark is about to start making a real one, but Lex kisses him instead.

Where does the Merlin AU story Room 20 go, for teneagles

In the time of the series, Merlin and Arthur banish magic -- not permanently, it can't be done permanently, but (the idea is) long enough for science to gain a foothold and reach a level where ordinary men aren't completely vulnerable to the whims of wizards and witches. Arthur is mortally wounded in the final battle against Morgana and Mordred and the other powers of the earth, but as Merlin casts the banishing spell, he works in that Arthur will return when magic does and that he will live until then, never realizing that he's just doomed himself to more than a thousand years of solitary wandering.

So Merlin is sort of half-crazy from being alone all this time waiting; Arthur doesn't quite remember his past, and Morgana and Mordred and all the magical creatures are on the verge of bursting back into our world. \o/?

what happens after #krisallenpornstar, for justelizabeth (this is possibly my favorite one)

Adam does in fact take Kris back to his place that night and proceeds to have a lot more amazing sex with him, and informs Kris he is now going to be kept, and after six orgasms Kris is unable to form any kind of coherent reason for why not. The next afternoon, Kris wakes up alone and kind of hungover, and staggers out to his bartender job; he then goes home to his crappy sublet share and finds it empty except for an explanatory post-it: Adam has paid some people to get all of Kris's stuff and take it over to his place. :D Kris is going to yell about this, he really is, but when he gets to Adam's place, Adam is there gleefully waving Kris's demo CD and saying it is awesome and Kris plays! and then he nails Kris on the leather couch and Kris never gets around to voicing objections, and that is how they end up moved-in together.

Meanwhile, the video is a big hit online. It turns out Adam actually co-produced the video himself & funded it out of his prior earnings, so he has now made a pile of money, and he talks Kris into letting him bring in a camera crew to film their sex-filled lives as an adult reality show with the two of them making music in the background, and it becomes a runaway online/itunes hit, gets bought by Showtime, and their music starts charting.

And they live happily ever after making songs and porn. :D

what happens after in Preacher Man...Do they just kiss or do either of them get fully "converted" by their efforts, for krismc09

hahaha, uh, let us say that they exhaustively explore varied interpretations of the song of solomon. several times!

(Alas, Kris's further conversion attempts are less successful, but Adam doesn't discourage him from trying. *g*)

what happens in "City of a Thousand Wonders" with Cook and Archie, for sellaturcica

Cook and Archie slip away from the media circus and go back to Cook's place in LA, where they go out onto the lawn in back and curl up together in the sunlight. They order a bunch of comfort food and then Cook brings out his acoustic guitar and they sing together for a while. Afterwards they get really quiet and Archie asks Cook if they're going to be okay. Cook tells him yes, eventually.

Kris gets in touch a few days later, after the end of the story: he and Adam and his mom are visiting all of the Idols who were violated by Clive and doing what they can. Because Cook and Archie were only exposed once, they aren't as badly off. They go back out on tour and the fan energy helps. Archie moves to L.A., away from his family -- he can't quite help blaming them for having put him into Clive's reach -- and they hang out a lot together; they are in the weird place where most of the other Idols were either hurt much worse, like Carrie, or not hurt the same way, like Adam and Kris.

They do heal, although it leaves scars.

after crown of the summer court, what brings down camelot? for evadne_fenn

Camelot falls slowly, in Crown of the Summer Court -- I think everyone half-forgets about the elves, after they are gone, and even Arthur and Merlin gradually have their memories partly fade away; they keep aging normally, and living their lives. The Saxon invasions begin, and Arthur manages to hold them off for a long time, becoming war-leader and eventually king of all Albion in the process.

But the Saxons make allies of Mordred and the druids, and it becomes a battle holding off the tide, which keeps nibbling away at the kingdom, and Arthur and Merlin and all the knights of Camelot get wearier and more angry, always at war. They start to lose what is important and good about them to the endless struggle, and on the eve of the battle of Camlann, Morgana has a vision of it getting much, much worse -- of them almost going darkside in order to defeat the Saxons, and what that will mean for the world.

So out of love, she betrays them -- she goes to Mordred and gives him secrets, and helps him with her own magic to entangle Merlin, and the Saxons win their first and only victory against Arthur, who is mortally wounded and carried from the field by a handful of loyal knights. Merlin works free and goes to him, but Arthur is in tremendous pain, but can't die, and Merlin can't heal him.

Merlin, in a rage, goes for Morgana and drags her before Arthur, where she tells them why she did it. She tells them they can win battle after battle, but the war is lost -- the Saxons are here to stay, and they need to bow to history. Merlin and Arthur recognize that Morgana's right about what's been happening to them, and together step back from the edge. Arthur manages to negotiate a peace with the Saxons, who are still incredibly afraid of him and Merlin, but afterwards he is still wounded and in agony.

Merlin is sitting by his bedside trying again futilely to heal him, when he sees the grail sitting on the table beside him, and remembers. He gives Arthur a drink from the grail, and drinks himself, and both of them are restored to youth; Arthur is all for racing back out and reforming Camelot and starting all over again, but Merlin stops him and says it's time to go. And the two of them leave, vanishing mysteriously as far as everyone else is concerned.

What happened with Lord Cadebourne in Favorite, and did Merlin and Arthur ever try using whips and manacles again in Crown of the Summer Court, for reinventweather

Cadebourne got tipsy at a feast and in the hallway ran into what he thought was a charmingly forward servant boy, cleaned up nicely if a little gawky, and promptly tried a bit of a friendly grope; Merlin fended him off and was about to explain why this was a very bad idea when Arthur came around the corner and took massive and furious exception, much to Cadebourne's terrified dismay. Merlin had to yell quite a lot to keep Arthur from challenging Cadebourne right then and there, and managed to distract Arthur long enough for Cadebourne to make a run for it. Cadebourne left that night. *g*

And as for the second one: yes. *cough* ;)

how the Daily Prophet reported on Sam's activities in Old Country, for pinkfinity

The Daily Prophet considered reporting on Sam's activities, but while they were doing the page layout full of a sensational story titled SAM WINCHESTER: THE NEXT DARK LORD?, the photo they took of him at the hearing looked back at them and got angry and the whole page burst into flames and crisped up around the edges. They thought better of it. Instead they printed a shot of Dean standing outside leaning against the Impala in his leather jacket and sunglasses. The issue sold extremely well, as whenever girls looked at it, the shot of Dean would take off the sunglasses and grin or wink at them.


Also, I totally have to give another giant round of applause for honey_wheeler and cheapxdate and for all of ontd_ai -- SERIOUSLY WTF $80,000 RAISED (and $206,000 over the whole challenge) -- unbelievable and so awesome. :')

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