February 8th, 2019


Signal Boost: Chocolate Box pinch hits up for grabs

[personal profile] dorinda posted: Chocolate Box pinch hits up for grabs

If you feel like writing a story of at least 300 words by Tuesday, consider pinch hitting for Chocolate Box! It's a relationship-based challenge (/ or &), so keep that in mind when reading the requests.

The easiest way to browse the pinch-hits is by just looking at the comm, [community profile] chocolateboxcomm ; they're up in two recent posts, "pinch hits 28-50" and "pinch hits 51-73". That way you can just skim the fandom names.

But if you'd like direct links to the full posts: one and two.

eta: Fanartists, many of these prompts are for sketches/fanart too! Take a look if you can!

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SignalBoost bookmarklet update! Now boosts HTML

I am using the signal boost bookmarklet to signal boost this update to the signal boost bookmarklet and if any of you signal boost this and someone boosts that then eventually clearly we will create a vortex in the space-time continuum. :P

[personal profile] astolat posted: SignalBoost bookmarklet

I've now updated the bookmarklet so that it preserves the HTML encoding in the selected text, so for instance if you select a chunk of text that includes an image or links to an AO3 story or to another DW post, the links will be preserved. It does NOT work on embedded video, sorry. :(

You can just copy and paste that code from the textarea into the URL field of the bookmarklet to upgrade it.

Also here's the underlying javascript in much more readable/editable form for anyone who wants to muck around with it: signal_boost.js on Gist

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