astolat (astolat) wrote,

Idol RPF: House of the Living (Adam/Kris)

Yayyy, finished! And yes, this is the one I've been tweeting about. *g*

House of the Living (17,099 words)
Adam/Kris, adult, explicit, horror-movie violence and consequences -- caveat lector!

Megan had been calling them zombies from the get-go; after the third one, while Adam was busy puking his guts all over the sidewalk, she went around to all of them and hissed, "Listen, they're zombies, do you get it?"

( Read the story )

With many many thanks to merryish (who has awesome new Kradam story up too!), julad, and cesperanza for beta!

All fb loved. Zombiezzzzz! \o/
Tags: adam lambert, american idol, fanfic

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