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Idol RPF: Proselytizing (Adam/Kris)

I'm spamming the last couple days, sorry, but I just want to get the little PWPs up on my site & here before I am ready to post the 15,000-word one. :> *whistles innocently*

So! for the ontd_ai kink meme #2, prompt 34, Adam/Kris, rimming. bb kris is reluctant at first but Adam shows him what he's been missing., and counting for cliche bingo prompt "seduction." And because Merry demanded. :P

And for everyone who was yelling at me for being a tease the other day, this turned out to be a prequel to the microfic from the other day, if that helps? *g*

Proselytizing (1470 words)
Adam/Kris, adult, explicit
"Oh, you are all such straight boys," Adam said. "Which is hilarious, because it's pretty much conversion trick number one."
(Read the story)

Tags: adam lambert, american idol, fanfic
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