August 18th, 2008



I am not home yet (so no vid downloads until Wednesday, alas) but currently ensconced in a hotel in downtown Chicago, overlooking at the glowy hypnotic ferris wheel at Navy Pier and waiting for room service, after one of the most awesomest Vividcons ever. Life == \o/

I thought this was overall the strongest premieres vidshow since the second year of the con, and that continued into the challenge show. So so many good vids, omg.

BTW, a small pre-lj-cut PSA, if you are lucky enough never to have heard the song Handlebars and don't know the lyrics, do yourself a favor and wait to read vid reviews/listen to the song until you have watched flummery's Doctor Who vid to the song. Go, go.

As I haven't had a chance to rewatch vids, I am going to be talking totally haphazardly about random ones that have stuck with me enough I have something to say about them without that -- mentioned here under the cut are Climbing Up The Walls, the Doctor Who Handlebars, and Supersmart from Premieres; I Want You (She's So Heavy), How Much Is That Geisha In The Window, and White America from Challenge; and Rasputin from Club Vivid.

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Aside from the awesomeness of the vids, I just had a really great time hanging out both with people I have known for ages and also with many I had either never met or never really gotten to chat more with, in groups large and small. It was not quite enough, because it never is, but it was lovely. And to put the, um, okay, I was going to go to a sundae place but that would possibly not work right in context here, so er, to crown the weekend, celli sent me her in-progress Cook/Archie story of awesome unlike the MEAN AND HEARTLESS trelkez, who will be getting sadfaces in email from me pretty much nonstop until I am appeased, because it is not fair to taunt. ;__; So I totally don't care how much the rest of my so-called friends mocked me and my David Cook t-shirt, ha. :p

And with that, I am going to have a cup of tea and write a little fanfic and maybe see about hooking up a laptop to the TV here and watching some more vids.

Yay Vividcon!