December 30th, 2007


spn_holidays: Punxsutawney and Winter

wooo! Finally managed to finish and post my spn_holidays final story, and now I can reveal here. \o/ I was writing for the fabulous prompts of laurificus!

Final gift, for the prompt: First time wincest. Something plotty with a slow build would be awesome, with recognition of the fact that they're brothers and this is a big deal. Banter and a hopeful ending would make my day.

Punxsutawney (8,968 words)
Sam/Dean, adult, explicit (NC-17)

"So why bother in the first place?" Sam said. "Dean, don't you get it—that's the problem. It doesn't matter, none of this matters—none of this is real."

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With many many thanks to kaneko for beta!

Teaser gift, for the prompt: Sam/Dean snowed in schmoop with banter, and maybe Sam freaking out because they're running out of time to save Dean. Can be first time or established.

Winter (1,876 words)
Sam/Dean, adult, explicit

The cold open air tasted like snow and freedom, nobody on their backs for the first time in a year and six weeks, or maybe for the first time in twenty-four years.

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With many thanks to merryish for beta! :D

eeee, more presents

omg! My spn_holidays story from oxoniensis! WINGCEST! \o/

dreaming long grass and birds on the wire
Sam/Dean, R, 2000 words and all of them fabulous. ♥ go read!

And I am now happily ensconced at home, full of tea and scones and finger sandwiches from Tea & Sympathy, no deadlines left for the rest of the year, and now at last I can settle in and read everything in sight. yuletide! spn_holidays! riches EVERYWHERE!

I have barely even begun to tag, but my recs will all be going in with yuletide2007 and spn_holidays tags, woo.

happy happy holidays and happy new year to you all. *beatific glow*