December 11th, 2007


SGA podbooks & Supernatural recs!

I haven't posted about these before, because I had not yet figured out the whole podbook thing until just recently, when I discovered it was basically "drop them into iTunes, dummy." *facepalm* I am not an audiobook listener because I tune out audio after about ten minutes under normal circumstances, but I am a constant re-reader, so what I find I am doing with podfic is listening to the audiobook *while* I re-read, and it is AWESOME! Voices and personality and emphasis and life! and *covers* too! *dances a whole lot*

And so belatedly but with much glee, links to podbooks of my SGA stories!

Reading by general_jinjur, cover art and podbook by cybel

Reading by windbringer1, cover art by aesc, podbook by cybel

Reading by general_jinjur, cover art by spaggel, podbook by cybel

And I will take this moment to mention again that there is blanket permission to podfic anything of mine (and to translate, and to sequel, and to remix, etc etc etc). So if I am in one of my swamped phases and don't get back to you quick, there is no need to wait on me for permission. :D

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And as an addendum to TMI -- if you haven't read these before and you like the combination of Dean + fashion items normally associated with women, allow me to point you to the omg hot: sneaky_sena's What Lies Beneath and causeways's Other Ways and Means. (Both Sam/Dean, both a;lsdjkfa;;ggh. What, that is totally descriptive.)

(And if there are more out there, plz to hook me up in comments.)

Also in case any of you missed it, eighth_horizon posted another wingcest story last night, Counting To Ten! \o/