October 16th, 2007


Halloween! OTW! two great things that etc.

pumpkiny OTW logo with ghost Hey, folks in NYC -- I am throwing a Halloween OTW fundraiser, the Saturday before Halloween. :D Dress up as the fannish character of your choice and come! It will be good times.

All the details over here in otw_news, email me (astolat at livejournal) if you're coming, and pass the word! (It is totally fine to link or repost wherever.)

<-- Note: not official image, unauthorized transformative work slapped together by me. I will leave you to guess the parts I stuck on to lim's awesome design. *g*

Also, a reminder for the Python vs. Ruby Deathmatch, which is running until Friday -- you all should totally try, and if you have already tried one language, give the second one a shot! It is the first step along this glorious path:
1. Python Vs. Ruby Deathmatch
2. Fun widget for Archive of Our Own
3. ???
4. Global domination *

* I hear this comes complete with your choice of Clark Kent or Pinky.

I also pimp more fun things: spn_holidays and daysofawesome (too late for this year but I hope will ride again next, so join the comm now) and oh yeah, that little yuletide thing. Signups close THURSDAY Friday duh, I cannot count! (I have been testing out the find-potential-matches process and haha, it is taking a ridiculously long time now.)

*waves pom-poms*