September 16th, 2007


art, spinoffs, and how to make a magic letter


leyna55 has made a GORGEOUS drawing of Slytherin Sam --

And a couple of people have asked in the comments -- if you would like to play in the Old Country universe, totally dive right in, whether you want to do missing scenes or sequels or alternate versions, anything. I am all over that stuff. ♥ joannindiw has already been noodling some snippets in the comments here!

And I thought I would write up how I did the magic letter and cursor, for anyone who is curious -- the basic image-swapping part is really not that hard: I did it using Photoshop CS3, but if you can make an animated GIF icon, you can do this. :D I used a testing page for the certificate which you can open up and use "view source" on, to see all the code in place.

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