August 20th, 2007


Falling For The First Time!

Yay yay yay! Look, it is up! sisabet's Falling For The First Time, the vid she made for me for the Vividcon auction -- this whole joyful fabulous *celebration* of a vid, which to me -- okay, so a lot of people have been talking about her and Lum's vid Women's Work, which you have probably seen, and what I have realized is that to me, Falling is the flip side, in that this is our version of the show -- this is the version that we build in our fannish community, all about Sam and Dean and family and love and heroism, and which on a meta level embodies our own subversive and complicated desires and our own creativity and manipulation of the source, our voices, where Women's Work (which notably minimizes if not entirely eliminates Sam and Dean) is all the baggage that we leave behind -- the pieces that we reject and have to read against in our source, and when you take these two together, it's the sweet and the bitter of our fannish experience, if that makes sense.

So, anyway, this vid: this vid is candy and ponies and hearts and joy. And now you too can put it on endless repeat like I have! ♥

eta: sisabet's post does already label it as Sam/Dean, but in case my enthusiasm sends you over there too quick to read, yes, be aware it is indeed a fluffy happy incest vid. *g*

ps: in other joyful news, rivkat is posting kryptonian sex secrets!!!