August 6th, 2007


fanfic conversion macros -- looking for testers

Is there anyone out there who can hop on chat and is willing to help me test a package of Word macros for converting fanfic stories written in Word into HTML? I need people using any of the following:

Word 97 on Windows
Word 2003 on Windows
Word 2007 on Windows
Word 2004 on Mac

Msg me on LJ Talk or AIM (shalott2000) if you've got a little bit of time?

All set, thank you all! :D

Fanfic-conversion macros

This is a casual but useful set of Microsoft Word macros for converting doc files into clean HTML files (as opposed to the awful bloated versions created by Word's "Save As HTML") or into plain text files ready to paste into an LJ post or upload to an Automated Archive style archive (ie, with formatting tags but not paragraph breaks). (right-click save, look at the README file)

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Alas, I can't support or help if you run into trouble, sorry! Feel free to muck with it any way you want. Many thanks to nestra, balefully, setissma, and tahariel for helping me out with the testing!

eta: there is now an updated version of these macros for OpenOffice.