August 4th, 2007


Insane Journal

*waves arms at people reading on IJ*

Can whoever has syndicated my lj on insane journal, using "astolat", please get in touch with me? Because I can't actually create a duplicate of my lj there now since you are using the name.

journaling alternatives

Some people have been asking otw_news about a journaling site in particular, but it's going to be a while yet before an informed decision can be made on what projects are going to be pursued, because we're getting the committees together now that will be studying the resource costs of a lot of the proposed projects, and also seeing what kind of human and financial resources we can rely on, not just in an initial burst, but moving forward.

I do have some thoughts about journaling alternatives myself, that I think might be valuable to others who are considering putting one together, but I want to emphasize that this is my own personal rambling, and not something from the organization.

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