July 23rd, 2007


Deathly Hallows experience

I had fun on line Friday night, even if there was really not much of a party going on by the time I got to the bookstore, but it was nice out and there was a Coldstone Creamery open, and people wearing Hogwarts scarves all over, and while we were standing on line someone came by handing out these advertising cards for a martial arts dojo for kids, with picture of cute little girl on one side, cute little boy on the other, both looking very earnest in their little martial arts gis, and at the bottom on the boy's side this truly priceless ad copy: Defense Against The Dark Arts classes! Come learn how to use your "wand" against the dragon! (Quotation marks theirs!)

Being the evil-minded people we are, we laughed and laughed.

And then I stayed up until 4:30 am reading the book, and finished it Saturday morning, and have to say, Collapse )

All right, enough of that! Where's the fanfic! Is there any Harry/Draco yet? *coughs*

Actually, I went looking on del.icio.us and while I haven't found any DH stuff yet, I did stumble on a really amazing post-HBP story by fourth_rose, The World of The Living, which I'm sure everyone in the fandom has read but I highly recommend to anyone like me who's been out of it for years. *g*

I also have to share this, passed along by bethbethbeth, which is mightygodking's hilarious page-by-page summary of DH. Read and lol.

well, that's great

mightygodking's journal (the one with the hilarious and snarky page-by-page review of DH) has been suspended. He had said in the post that he had gotten a DMCA takedown notice (for posting the review before the book came out, evidently), so he took down the post and put it back up again after the publication date.

So, I really don't know. I mean, is LJ now allowing copyright holders to force takedowns of negative reviews? I could have seen the suspension before the book was officially published, although I think it would still be sketchy since it was so near the release date, but now? And I don't think it does make a difference if he used a pirated copy; if Scholastic wants to sue him personally for a copyright violation and use his lj posts as evidence thereof, they can, but I don't see how that is grounds for taking down his review.

Here for the moment is the google-cached page, at least. If anyone hears more about this, I'd like to know. This is more disturbing to me both as an example of LJ apparently not learning anything from Strikethrough and as overreaching by a copyright holder.

ETA: Here is the full story from the user. It looks as though LJ suspended him for having received a third uncontested DMCA notice. The other two were for a community called "improved archie", where people put up Archie comics pages with the words taken out of the bubbles, and filled in rude/adult captions. He was not posting entire Archie comics and did not post the actual carpet book -- you can see the comm if you go look it up on google cache for now.

So the problem I now have with this is that he was just complying with the takedowns for financial reasons, not because he agreed he was violating copyright. So by denying him service on a three-strikes-you're-out rule, LJ is essentially helping major copyright holders create chilling effects. :/