July 22nd, 2007


Harry Potter: The Scholomance Series

Some history for this. Back in the year 2000, after Goblet of Fire and before the first movie, I had a few happy months in HP fandom, and among other things I wrote several connected stories in what I'm now calling The Scholomance Series. These stories didn't stand alone, the last one ended kind of brutally with blithe promises for a quick sequel, and from this I learned a very important lesson, which is that I can't post WIPs of any kind, because I cannot trust myself to stay in a fandom long enough to finish them.

Anyway, for the last seven years I've been trying to finish this last story -- I had about a quarter of it, and then it gradually got up to a half, and every so often I would take it out and noodle on it some more, usually after I got some fresh canon to get the motor running; at one point I even tried starting from scratch; but it just wouldn't go very far. I was about ready to give up, and earlier this week, resonant8 started clearing out her HP locker, and I decided yeah, it was time, I was going to just post it, whatever, and then I opened it up to do some formatting, and then boom, I finished it after all.

*takes victory lap, raised fists in the air*

(Oh, and then I turned the started-from-scratch version into an extra side-story.)

So, here it is, the whole thing (I suspect the new stories won't make sense without the old ones). Diverges wildly from canon after Goblet of Fire. Adult, explicit (in Prodigal), and bloody. Harry/Draco, Ron/Hermione, hints of other pairings.

The Scholomance Series


And here are the two new stories, with many thanks to, I am ashamed to admit, more betas than I now remember, although I know elynross looked at Prodigal along the way, and cesperanza has gone over them for me now. ♥

The Last Visit (588 words)
It has nothing to ask you. It has only something to say.
(Note: this story fits into Prodigal -- I think it works better read first, but it's not a standalone.)

Prodigal (13,850 words)
...his greatest terror was that someone would respond to him.

omg yay