June 23rd, 2007

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Supernatural: Aerial (Sam/Dean), and badly designed meme


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(I wouldn't be relying too hard on their rating algorithm, is all I'm saying.)

I basically had a fit after handing in my copyedits, and in the eleventh hour dragged my husband out of the city for a week to go lie on a beach, which was lovely, and also I got a lot of writing done, yay, but now I am home and trying to catch up and now there are only 7 days before VVC vids are due omg. You can gauge my state of frantic by the fact that I finished and formatted this story three days ago, and then didn't have time to upload and post it. That is like not having time for CAKE. :/

Aerial (1,380 words)
Sam/Dean, adult, explicit
Sam found a way to get rid of them for almost a month at a time, a spell that lasted until the first night of the full moon.

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Many many thanks to giddygeek and merryish for betaing. In the interests of full disclosure, I will advise you, dear reader, that merryish insists that this story ends in sad circumstances. However, she is TRAGICALLY WRONG. In fact, I think she is SO wrong that I will submit it to the judgment of the public with a POLL.

Poll #1008781 Who is right:

Does this story have a happy ending?

Yes, absolutely, merryish is as wrong as wrong can be.
No, I hate kittens.
(think of the kittens!)