May 11th, 2007

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Supernatural: Orpheus (gen, PG) -- SPOILERS

*puts out sign: Kripke Me Please*

Spoilers, spoilers, spoilers for All Hell Breaks Loose. I am also calling this spoilery for the preview for next week's episode, even though it's not based on that, but I saw it once in my moment of weakness (do not remind me of anything in it though please, I am trying to forget) and might have been influenced by it.


With many thanks to killabeez for looking this over and also for everyone who flailed with me tonight. *hugs everyone*

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Supernatural: Spoils (Sam/Dean)

fanfic: cheaper than therapy!

*** SPOILERS for 2x21 (All Hell Breaks Loose Pt 1) ***

Despite the title, ha ha, I am spoiler-free for the finale, and, uh, I really don't think this is likely to be the way things go down, so it's not even speculation. PLEASE do not spoil me in comments for the preview or future eps!

Spoils (1,244 words)
Sam/Dean, adult, explicit
Non-spoilery summary: envision a soft fluffy bunny gamboling through the woods. of incest. also there might be some gore. okay, it is that bunny from monty python, but it is still GAMBOLING and FLUFFY.

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This is also inspired by a certain comment thread (spoilers for Folsom Prison Blues) over in esorlechar's lj from a while back. So, woo! one out of seventeen stories on the to-do list, done! /o\

ETA: omg thread now ILLUSTRATED by joosetta (NSFW)

omg look art


omg look what joosetta made.

Awesomely NSFW

(It was posted in the comments on Spoils, which has 2x21 spoilers, but it is based on the comment thread not the story itself, so no spoilers at all!, and you can comment to her without seeing potential spoilery bits here.)

I think my favorite part is the floppy demon hands. (ha ha, okay, no, that is not my FAVORITE part but they are fabulous.)