April 30th, 2007

spn ouija yes by merryish

birthday glee! and Supernatural: Raindrops on Roses (Sam/Dean)

OMG, this has been like a giant weekend of presents! I am all sniffly and happy and overcome, and it is beautiful outside, and I am going to go to the park and be outside with Charles and tonight I get to see people and talk to them like a real person instead of someone living in a cave. \o/

But first I share! On Friday, kristen (dun) put up three more super-adorable chibi art pieces for Under Hill! omg so cute. Run, Sam, run! heeee.

And then today, franzeska posted an awesome NYR story for my request for The Prestige, and thisisbone wrote me this wow, omg hot FNL/SPN Dean/Tim crossover, and sevenfists finally posted the CURTAINFIC (not as a present for me, but given the timing I consider it one anyway), and on TOP of all that, some mysterious benefactor gave me a virtual tree! Thank you! I ♥ my tree!

*scatters hugs around with mad abandon*

And despite my time crunch of late, which is sadly not quite done (I am playing hooky ANYWAY), this little story managed to get done in time for me to keep the happy hobbity tradition of posting a story on my birthday, with much help from giddygeek and terrio and dsudis and cesperanza. ♥ ♥ ♥

Raindrops on Roses (3,563 words)
Sam/Dean (adult, explicit)
It was the crime statistics count in the annual state report that got them interested in Hawkesville: murders and suicides and assaults had all jumped for the last three months of the year. That was weird enough, but after they dug a little deeper into the local newspapers, Sam noticed that the divorces and weddings were up, too.

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ETA: er, belatedly I think that maybe I should warn! I don't want to freak anyone out! So, I don't personally think of this as non-con, but it skirts up to the edge and runs away, and also, there is a sad bit about baby mutant skunks. So if any of that would bum you out, skip this one! I have more coming, post-revisions. *g*