April 14th, 2007


I should be working but

I couldn't help myself, I watched Collapse ) But, I'm not watching the others, so please please don't spoil me. At least until my willpower fails me.

In other news, has anyone else seen the bestiality ad on nytimes.com? It's for some documentary? called "A Man Among Wolves" from National Geographic, and, just, um, I'm sorry, that guy is not among wolves, he is MAKING OUT with wolves. He is a weird unkempt guy, making out with wolves, as I am trying to read an article about student loan system corruption or the mess with the prosecutors. At least it has a pause button, but seriously, NO FRENCH KISSING WITH WOLVES. NO. I do not want this on my screen.

If you are an SPN fan and you haven't already seen antiship's drabble-drawble meme from yesterday, you are deeply deeply deprived. <3 <3 <3 Lots of wincest and gen both.

My two contributions: gen, sam's growth spurt, and drunk Sam/not-drunk-enough Dean.

Okay, back to work. *trudges*