April 1st, 2007

entourage eric vince by tinamishi

New vid: Entourage, Pon de Replay

muskratjamboree was just pure stress-free fun. I pretty much spent the entire time toting around the laptop trying to get writing in at every possible opportunity thanks to deadline panic, but writing in a giant crowd of fangirls is awesome. And I even squeezed in a few panels and, you know, occasionally talked to people. Out loud!

Here is the new vid that premiered there. When life calms down, detailed technical how-to for the thing (you'll know the thing when you see it) will be forthcoming.

Pon de Replay
music by Rihanna & DJ Elephant Man
Entourage, Eric/Vince

Come on, Mr. DJ, won't you turn the music up?

Right-click save (23 MB XviD)