March 6th, 2007

spn savior dean by iconaddict

who sleeps where in SPN

So monster_of_hope wrote me because she noticed that I had the line

Dean put his stuff down on the bed nearer the door, like always.

in Bad Company, and she'd written

Dean tossed a bag onto the queen bed closest to the door, putting himself between whatever was out there and Sam.

in her recent story (Hopeful Monster, which I highly recommend), and was wondering if this was some bit of fanon that we'd both picked up somewhere.

As it happens, when I initially wrote the line, I sort of tossed it off without thinking because it just felt right gut-level, but then after I wrote it I stared at it for a while and thought about it, and I got pretty sure Dean *does* have the bed closer to the door almost all the time, and uh. Okay, look, I'm a fan, we're allowed to be obsessively nit-picky about these things!

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Anyone want to add to or correct any of these? I'm, um, going to go do something vaguely productive now.