March 3rd, 2007

spn ouija yes by merryish

Supernatural: Bad Company, Sam/Dean

So kittygoslingp posted an interesting comment on Bad Blood, and as I rambled on back at her I suddenly found that I was halfway into an actual story, so, I went and just wrote it. Then it tried to go in about five different directions on me, so I made merryish read it for me and tell me if I was done, which she said I was, and then the following discussion ensued:
* shalott was going to call it Bad Mojo, but that was when it was going to have an actual plot
<shalott> hee, I could call it Bad Minton
* shalott could also have rocks thrown at my head
<Merry> I think you should call it "Sam Sees a Horse about a Man"
* Merry hides for a while after that.
* shalott throws rocks at Merry's head
<shalott> also no, because there is no horse in this one
<Merry> like I'd have let you call it that anyway
<Merry> Dean's Dark Destiny
* Merry sort of likes that one
<Merry> you could have a cover and he'd be in a bodicey thing...
<shalott> Dean's DORK Destiny maybe
This will probably not make much sense unless you have read Bad Blood first.

Bad Company (1,133 words)
Sam/Dean, not explicit

Sam had slouched down in his seat, one arm stretched along the door, window rolled down all the way to let the cold air come streaming in. He was looking at Dean with a sort of glow of smug happiness. Dean glared out the windshield and refused to look at him.

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