February 20th, 2007


mm, tasty

I hug everyone for the fb on the last few stories and also for the super-nice words in svmadelyn's v-day meme, both the ones for me and also for everyone else, because the whole thing just makes me glow with generalized love for fandom. ♥

I cannot stop having SPN story ideas right now. It is kind of driving me literally nuts; I keep ending up going to bed at 4am because I can't stop writing. So, I'm practicing some triage here, and I will not be writing the story where Collapse )

What is really sad is that the reason I am not writing this is solely that there is too much overlap with elements I am already using in one of the, uh, three stories currently in progress. (And by the way, if anyone else would like to write this story or even just random bits or scenes of it, that would, um, be cool. Fly free, little story! fly!)

Also, thoughts on the latest episode of Supernatural, with high-res picspam (no, this was not at all written as an excuse to go frame-by-framing through the episode): Collapse )

And to finish on an appropriate note, Collapse )