February 6th, 2007


Supernatural: Going Down Swinging, Sam/Dean

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Okay, that out of the way, we now return this lj to your regularly scheduled squee-and-fanfic routine.

For sisabet, a day late, which should pretty much take care of the summary, too. *g*

Going Down Swinging (1,308 words)
Sam/Dean, explicit

They've got days to dig out, theoretically, and they just finished a knock-down drag-out fight against a pissed-off marble-slab-hurling vengeful spirit in the damn thing's own catacombs, so right now they're just lying here with their heads pillowed on their arms. Sam thinks it says something profound and depressing about their lives that this is the most relaxed they've been in months.

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Oh, and speaking of squee -- I just finally watched Provenance last night (sniffle, the last episode I hadn't seen, was kind of saving it) and I just, uh, what? Someone tell me there are a million fanfic stories set in that motel room, and ANOTHER million based off the last scene, not that there is anything gay at all about Dean standing there gleefully watching Sam make out with a girl going "That's my boy!", no, nothing. oh, show.
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