January 29th, 2007

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Supernatural glee

Somehow I was expecting Supernatural to be an eyecandy-and-emo show (which as a genre I approve of highly, just so we're clear!) with enough horror thrown in to freak me out, and instead, I was kind of surprised to discover that it's a much more serious show than I gave it credit for. And granted, it helps mainlining, so that the best moments jump out and the rest recedes into a general background, and it helps to have come to the show in s2, after they've knocked out a bunch of the bugs, but all that said -- IMO, it really is hitting the caliber of X-Files at its height. The central relationship of the show is fully as interesting and satisfying to me as Mulder/Scully, which is saying a lot, and I think they've taken advantage of post-XF hindsight to eliminate a lot of the problems the XF mytharc had.

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Anyway, if you're not already watching, I highly recommend it! And the fandom is all big and shiny and happy, and also you should buy the DVDs to help promote the show, because based on how it's going so far, I feel there are good grounds to hope they will actually handle the mytharc well if they are given the time.

Speaking of the fandom -- I have found spnnewsletter and supernaturalfic; is there an active flashfic community going anywhere?