January 21st, 2007


jamboree and tagging

Panel voting is open on muskratjamboree (you need to join the comm to vote), and so I would like to pimp my multifandom panel -- "The HBO Watcher's Lament: so much fabulous tv, so little time" -- and also solicit co-mods; I am all about Rome, Entourage, and Sopranos, but if someone wanted to pitch in who also knows from Deadwood, The Wire, etc, that would be fabulous. I have a not so sekrit plot to try and organize some cross-fandom promotion here, because I am thinking maybe there is enough of a crossover among the HBO fandoms that we could perhaps organize some shared comms that would give more life to all the fandoms instead of the sort of boom-bust cycle going on now, where each fandom flares up with activity for the ten weeks that particular show is on and then collapses again.

(It occurs to me that it might be nice, in the wake of the dreamhost snafu, if people brought things to the con. Obviously that won't help going forward, but it would be nice to create more dispersal of smaller and less accessible shows.)

Meanwhile, I have finally figured out S2 and reworked my layout, and now I am trying to get systematic about tagging. I am hoping that this suggestion on viewing multiple tags using logical AND instead of OR actually gets implemented, because otherwise it is going to be kind of useless in the long run. Does anyone know if there's a place to look up the progress/schedule of developments like this? The suggestions comm mentions an lj project/bugtracking system, but I have been completely unable to find it.