January 4th, 2007

fandom sandbox by elke_tanzer

Insta-rec: Lucifugous; GIPs, and misc fun

Insta-rec: matociquala is serializing her novella Lucifugous on the Subterranean Press site, which I finally settled in to read this morning, and yum. If you like Sherlock Holmes eta: on consideration, I change my mind! Agatha Christie instead! or vampires or zeppelins, I highly recommend; heaps of slashy Victorian fun. It's currently up to Chapter 4.

Meanwhile, I raise my arms in victory! \o/ The Yuletide stories of the day post worked perfectly today (finally), totally automatically and on its own! woo! Hopefully now it will run steadily along until October. (How much do I love that we're already up to 16 NYR stories?)

Hugs and thanks to the anonymous pal who sent me the virtual gingerbread man for Yuletide -- I love him with his little broken-off head, hee. And seriously, thank you all -- it really felt like any time we were running around going off our heads, someone would say something cheering and encouraging, and we would get a nice happy glow.

I also have some super-fun icons from elke_tanzer to share with anyone who would enjoy them! ♥

(Elke's post here has the attribs to the original photographers.)

I have been mucking around some more with the del.icio.us recs script that I posted the other day, and have made it more generically useful -- you can now use it to offer multiple sets of recommendations based on whatever tags you name, and it will try and do author/fandom searching if you tag in the right format. Here you can see the revised version in action (the style has been customized to fit into my website, the default is still generic):

Recs by astolat

I've left the link to the script source the same just so it doesn't break for anyone who linked the last version, although I've renamed my own to "delicious_recs.cgi" instead of "yuletide_on_delicious.cgi", since I'm now using it more generally.

There is also code in the script that will figure out authors/fandoms if you have them bundled up on delicious, but sadly, it doesn't work unless you have a more recent version of the Net::Delicious module installed than Dreamhost does (I have an upgrade request in to support, which anyone else could feel free to second :D) If you *do* have that more recent version, or if it gets upgraded, that feature will just magically begin to work. Me, I am too lazy to go back and rename all my fandom tags, cough, so I am just going to wait, but in the meantime, the tag format is there for anyone who wants it.