January 3rd, 2007


Art by X for Knocking Over The Table, Wiseguy (Sonny/Vinnie)

So back in September, I ran the Blast From The Past challenge in challenges_past, and the seriously brilliant artist known as X volunteered a Wiseguy pic among the prizes, and yes, I totally failed to be noble and disqualify myself from the lottery, and I won it. (It was 50-50 odds, so, uh, hopefully hafital will forgive me, and be willing to share this one? *g*)

The piece is called "On The Farm" and is an illustration for the epilogue of Knocking Over The Table, the Day After Tomorrow story I wrote for the Blast From The Past challenge. X finished this piece back at the start of December, but only now that Yuletide insanity is over have I finally had the time to recode the story to frame it properly. *grins*

(Before I link to this piece, I should mention: X minds a lot when people reuse her art without her permission, so much so that she took down her entire site at one point because people were taking her art and making icons and banners and reposting it. So, on her behalf, I make a plea, please do not repost/reuse the art, because it would make her sad and make her stop making more, and that would suck.)

The big shiny image on X's site.
The newly-recoded story, with the art!

*glees some more for Wiseguy riches*

(PS: have I mentioned that I got a Wiseguy story in Yuletide?)

Fannish Year In Review 2006


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So that's a total of 206,327 words in 32 stories in 10 fandoms (SGA, House, Smallville, Wiseguy, James Bond, Rome, Arcana, Asimov Robots, King Arthur, and M&C). Uh, yeah. No one tell my editor about this, okay? *slinks guiltily back to work*


Bohemian Like You
Posted: 2/9/2006
Song: Bohemian Like You by The Dandy Warhols
Source: Stargate: Atlantis
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Posted: 8/14/2006
Song: Bukowski by Modest Mouse
Source: House M.D.
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