January 1st, 2007


Yuletide reveals!

neery!!! I hug you lots and lots. My storyyyyy! *is full of glee*

As for the ones I wrote, I managed to do everything short of leave my name and e-mail at the top of the file this year, but at least this one of my stories, I am confident no one in the whole damn world could have guessed was by me (except now thefourthvine tells me she figured out three of four, so maybe I am wrong, but I maintain that she has inhuman powers of divination):

Awakening (2,394 words) for purkledragon
Fandom: Arcana (manhwa by So-Young Lee)

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Then, speaking of thefourthvine's inhuman powers of diviniation, I shamelessly took advantage of being in chat with elynross at the time to snatch this pinch hit as soon as it came in over the transom:

Nice Work If You Can Get It (10,033 words) for thefourthvine
Fandom: Isaac Asimov - Robots (Powell/Donovan)

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Ante Bellum (1,165 words) for pollitt
Fandom: King Arthur (2004)

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And then at last there was the final story, where half the comments were all, "I totally know who this is," and okay, yes, FINE.

Duende (15,195 words) for ionescribens
Fandom: Patrick OBrian - Master and Commander

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And that was my yuletide. Thank you to everyone so so much for the lovely comments -- both on the stories and on the challenge itself, which was more fun for me personally this year than any other, largely because the basic systems are set up well enough that I could spend coding time making widgets and bells that weren't going to be life-or-death-of-the-challenge instead of just frantically trying to make everything work, and mostly because elynross is a goddess and ran the thing while I got to sit around in a sandbox going "whee!" and flinging toys around.

Next up, figuring out why the stories of the day post hasn't gone yet, and then 2006 year in review. Happy new year all!