December 30th, 2006


Yuletide recs, also script

Okay, now I REALLY love Hugs to blue_meridian and lim for pointing me to lots of helpful customization links. I now have a shiny exciting page of nicely formatted Yuletide recs, which dynamically updates as new links are added, yay.

Yuletide Recs by astolat from (currently 22 in 21 fandoms).

The script that generates this page is available for anyone to use if you have your own webspace -- there are instructions at the top for setting it up. If your yuletide recs are tagged "yuletide2006" it will grab them all, sort them by the remaining tags (so if you tag with the fandom name first, they will sort on fandom), and list them with your tags and notes.

This requires a perl module called Net::Delicious which is pre-installed on dreamhost, and the script works fine for me on there; other ISPs may also have it installed or be willing to install it for you. (Sorry, I can't help with install problems. I just toss it out for whatever it is worth. :)

If you do set it up -- or hey, if you have a different yuletide recs page for that matter -- I suggest tagging it "yuletiderecpage" on delicious, so we can surf them all easily. :)