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Idol RPF: Denial (Lambert/Gokey)

Okay, okay, pursuant to my last post, here is the story. /o\

Assorted Warnings: if you are a fan of Danny Gokey then probably this is not for you? Possibly it is even not for you unless you hate Danny Gokey. *covers face* Also I make no claims of quality here. This is like a Lord King Bad Fic, except instead of squishy love it is inspired by gleeful loathing. Also please be aware that I know absolutely nothing about Adam Lambert and Danny Gokey as real people and Danny is probably not a jerk in real life and this is a purely fictional story based on them as characters on American Idol.

Okay, anyway, if I have not scared you off, here is some helpful background material:

First, Adam Lambert (who I was pretty bleh about the first couple of weeks until he did this) fucks with American Idol and does this for Country Theme Night:

Ring Of Fire - Adam Lambert

Also, from pre-idol days, sometimes he dresses up like this:

and performs at The Zodiac Show (*) occasionally doing things like this:

(note: the audio is awful and the song is pretty lame too -- he has much better original tracks on youtube -- but in this one he takes off a lot of clothing and gets pawed a bunch on stage by boys and girls, which I feel many of you will agree is compensatory.)

* The Zodiac Show: "A modern-day Moulin Rouge... an organic process with the purest intentions..." <-- I am not making this up; svmadelyn and I agree that probably there needs to be a multifandom challenge where many many characters go to the Zodiac Show.

As for Danny Gokey, he auditions four weeks after his wife dies and then he does this in the semifinals:

Hero - Top 36 - Danny Gokey

and then inflicts awful bump-and-grind moves (at 1:25) upon us.

We hates him. :/

...and now here is the story:

Denial (1,291 words)
Adam Lambert/Danny Gokey, adult & explicit & vaguely noncon flavored?

"You're kidding, right?" Danny said, after Mike Sarver left and the producers redid the roommate assignments.

They weren't kidding.

(Read the story!)

All fb loved even if mainly you think I have lost my mind again, which really, quite accurate. :>

(PS: Idol is on tonight if you want to see more Adam.)
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