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Merlin: Room 20 (Arthur/Merlin)

Hahaha, um. So let me catalog the epic fail:
  1. Sign up for picfor1000 challenge after resisting for six years.

  2. Get assignment and promptly forget all about challenge.

  3. Remember two days before due date.

  4. Write story. Feel pleased with self.

  5. DISCOVER THAT DESPITE HAVING SIX YEARS TO NOTICE, HAVE MISSED THE ENTIRE POINT when dsudis, betaing, says, "Er, aren't stories supposed to be exactly 1000 words? You know, as in 'a picture is worth—'"

  6. Stab self.

  7. Start hacking story down ruthlessly. Gratefully discover that in OpenOffice, "--" is considered a word. Thirteen extra words! \o/

  8. Break at midnight EST to register frantically for Vividcon.

  9. Finish story at 25 minutes to the hour.

  10. Delete nine words. Put nine other words back in.

  11. Notice it is two minutes after the hour and race to post!

  12. Discover on preview that have left a word out, ARGH.

  13. Put word back in, delete another.

  14. Post!

And here it is. *grins*

Room 20 (1000 words) <--- go me! :P
Arthur/Merlin, explicit

The parking lot behind Camelot looked safe and ordinary again in the midday sun, just cracked asphalt and a couple of beat-up old cars.

( Read the story! )
Tags: fanfic, merlin
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