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January 2018

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Merlin: The Crown of the Summer Court (Merlin/Arthur)

I think this story started when I said to rageprufrock, haha, I'm thinking of writing a fusion with the Merry Gentry series of books, and she did not immediately tell me I was insane, even though clearly I was. So this is very loosely inspired by that series. You don't need to have read them, although possibly it is a warning if you have; for those who haven't, be aware that they are mostly a thinly-veiled excuse to write kinky softcore porn about magical people. So, uh, there you go.

My other main motivation for this entire story was so I could put one particular line in. Cookies to anyone who guesses it, although they will be imaginary cookies because I think it is kind of obvious. :>

I then spent several weeks inflicting this and many revisions of it on anyone unwary enough to come in range: *flings hearts at Ces, Mia, Julad, Terri, Merry, giddy, and gear for putting up with all the iterations*.

And when THAT was done, I might possibly have shamelessly harassed trolleys (whose fanart lj is at trolleys_art and wow, you seriously want to be watching if you are a fan of Merlin or SPN or HP or any of her other fandoms) until she gave me ridiculously pretty pictures. \o/

And now here it is!

The Crown of the Summer Court, (24,773 words)
Arthur/Merlin, explicit
Warnings for kink! I think it is fairly fluffy kink but still, you know, kink!

"The king sent me to get you," Merlin said, with a tone that implied strongly that he wasn't rolling his eyes where Arthur could see, but just wait until his back was turned. "He said you're to get changed into formal clothes and meet him in the Great Hall, there's a delegation coming from the Summer Court."

(Read the story)

And go look at the fabulous art at trolleys' fanart comm!

All fb loved! ♥

eta to add links to art! \o/

eta to change the link to point to the AO3 version of the story


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You write the best stories ever. Absolutely wonderful and such a delight to read. Arthur's growth as a character is enjoyable to watch, and I love how he stuck by Merlin's side throughout everything.

I love how they are bonded, even from the very beginning, even when they didn't know.

My favourite part is when Merlin enables Arthur to get the Excalibur, that Merlin reaches out through time and space to get it.

*starts re-reading*
*beams!* I was very pleased with the Excalibur bit myself, yay! :DDDDD
This was fantastic! I especially loved the image of Merlin & Arthur pulling Excalibur from a basin. Very cool. And the ending was just perfect.

*happy sigh*
omg, I was going to say thank you, but I am distracted beyond reason by the gorgeousness of your icon instead. ♥_♥ (I may possibly have rewatched that one scene on a daily basis for weeks now.)
Only partway in, but:

What the hell was on with these lords choosing women to stand for them, Arthur damned well wanted to know; were they all a pack of cowards?

Ahahahahah oh Arthur. I think you've been accidentally declared Merlin's boyfriend.
haha, poor Arthur, how could he know! *grin grin grin*
GLEE! GLEEEEEEE!! GLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! I can't stop grinning! Arthur stripping naked for the tournament! Finding out he fought a woman! Discovering champions are consorts! Merlin's magic piling furniture in front of the door when they go to bed! Morgana being smart, always!!! And Arthur being Merlin's king and Merlin being Arthur's. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
*glees back!*

Personally I feel that all Camelot's tournaments should involve stripping naked beforehand. *writes letter to producers*
Oh dear God. Please forgive me for not being able to leave coherent feedback, m'kay? This is just going to be one long idiotic babbling comment about how much I love this story and how much I love you and all of your work. And how utterly awesome this story was. . . from the cool plot and the hot sex and the great one liners and how smart Morgana is and how sweet Arthur is and how amazing Merlin is and how perfect Gwen was and how perfectly mercenary Uther was and how hilariously dry Gaius was. {sigh} I'll shut up now.
I will somehow find a way to forgive you! *grins* so glad you liked! :D
I was so excited to see you'd posted a new story that I literally gasped out loud and scared the crap out of my roommate. *laughs* And I love this! Every single twist and turn was fantastic, and I love the idea of Merlin being half-elven, and Morgana was written perfectly. Such an amazing story, as always. *adds to memories*
aww, yay! I ♥ Morgana. :DDDD
Oh my GOD, that was amazing. I have no words, just delighted and gleeful sounds! The humour and the epicness! I mean, this story contained both the orgy proposition (AHAHAHAHA, *wheezes*) and the fricking grail that Arthur unknowingly drinks from. And, like, the hot magical sex. GOD. *flails* Thank you for sharing with us!
haha, I kind of envision it being sort of rude among the elves to REFUSE an orgy invitation without a good reason! and, um, now I kind of want to write a sequel where they have to go to the elven court for some reason and an orgy actually happens. :>
This was really intensely delightful. I love love LOVE how much they are equals here, how they will be each other's kings in time, and especially how totally freaking brilliant Morgana is. Amazing!
eee, yay! I really love actually, about the show, how (okay so this is totally my interpretation, whatever) that Merlin is totally insubordinate because he has this huge power base even though no one else knows about it, and how Arthur clearly quite LIKES the insubordination and someone acting towards him like they're equals, even as he is wtf about it.
This was just so. Like, seriously. I don't even know.

It was beautiful. And perfect, and I don't even have the words to tell you how... *desperate hands* this is. I had 'awesome' in there, but it's completely the wrong word. I just do not have the words.

I'm such a fan of yours, and this has brought it all to a whole new level. Cripes.

awww, yay! *beams* I am so happy! :D
Wow, as always I love your stuff to pieces.
Oh my holy crap, that was fantastic beyond anything I could ever expect! I love every single bit of this, but the moment that struck me with the most force was when Arthur was fighting, and he went right up to the edge of his endurance and beyond, hearing his father's voice and with Merlin's love and magic. SO GOOD!
No wait, there was something I loved even more than the battle scenes (which you write so well! I turned off my music so I could read with as much attention as possible!). I'm a sucker for Epic Arthurian Destiny, and I lovelovelove your twist on The Once and Future King aspect of Arthur/Merlin--it's so perfect!
OH MY GOD. I cannot describe the massive amounts of flailing/jumping up and down that occurred at the "You drank from the grail, Arthur" line.

I love the elements of Arthurian legend you incorporated in here. Fantastic work. =D
This was so incredibly delicious I have no words. Funny and sexy and beautiful and sweet and it all left me so very very happy. Thank you for such wonderful, wonderful work.

I am a stranger; you don't know me, but...

Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god. That is fantastic. I'm bloody incoherent. The magic! The bits of legend! Morgana! I love your Morgana so much.

So, er, yes. I'll be over here, flailing.
Hah! The Merry Gentry books only WISH they were as good as this! I DID miss the long and flowery descriptions of perfectly coordinated hair, eyes, and elven clothing (not to mention ridiculously large dangly bits) that LKH so generously provides----although I do think it was really nice to actually have a plot. That's something LKH has never managed to do;)
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