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May 2019



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Merlin: Onfindan (Arthur/Merlin)

This is... also not the sequel to That Can Achieve The Sword. The sequel has now turned into two stories. merryish informed me. *grumble*

Onfindan (16,219 words)
Arthur/Merlin, adult

Arthur didn't speak to him for a week after he found out.

Read the story on my website or at the Archive of Our Own!

All comments loved. :)

onfindan is an Old English word meaning discovery, realization, finding out.

Also: there is a bonus map, made up 100% & purely for visualization purposes and because I am a dork. :D

With many many thanks to julad and terrio and elynross and kaneko and giddygeek! <3
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Oh, my God, there is not enough squee in the WORLD for this. SO MUCH WIN.
*beams at you!*
Oh, wow! I loved just how much *happened*, collecting a bunch of weird-creature heads and Merlin being a councillor and then battle, with the epic kingliness woven so well with the day to day and the quiet romance. I love how some of the magic is a big thing and some of it's mundane and reliable; the imagery of the map spell in partciular was absolutely gorgeous.
yay! I confess I was very smug over the map spell bit. :DDDD
Since I am only up to episode 7, I need to know if this will spoil smething massive for me.
Unfortunately, it's all in my head as background, so I don't want to promise you and then turn out that the thing I forgot about mentioning is something you consider a massive spoiler. All I can *recall* is some background from ep 1x03 and 1x05, and it's not deliberately ep related, but that's as far as I can go -- has to be up to you how dangerously you want to live!

Or you can save until after the rest of the eps! (You are about to hit the awesome run to the end! I mainlined the last six practically in a day. ♥)
I haven't finished reading it, but this It promptly jumped out of the closet and threw itself joyfully on the bed. Arthur looked at it. makes me want a Cinderella retelling (although the whole objects moving thing is more Beauty and the Beast - if we go by Disney). *facepalm*

*goes back to read*
*goes to a Merlin-and-Arthur-singing place; it is a scary place*
yay, thank you! :D
I love every single letter of this, but this part

"Arthur was still smiling at him in the very same way, clear even through the vision's haze, and Merlin thought, we will be those men, and raised a cup to him in answer."

made me stop for a minute to just bask in the amazing.
I really loved this! All the magic and monsters and battles and everything.
Oh the EPIC!! DESTINY!! love! I literally read this while making flaily hand gestures the whole time, it was so much fun. I kind of feel like I've just taken a load of fangirl drugs, heh - shot up with the flaily love. :D
Utter, UTTER glee!

This was just perfect. I ... don't know any better way of putting it!
there aren't enough words to describe how utterly amazing this story was. can't wait to see more from you.
Oh, this was absolutely brilliant.
So fantastic. From the Merlin/Arthur relationship to the plotting to the foreshadowing - love this to absolute pieces.
Oh. Oh gosh. This is the best Arthur/Merlin fic I've read yet -- this is what it is supposed to be like, I'm certain. Arthur slowly uniting Albion with Merlin by his side. :)
Eeeee! I was full of squee just at the idea of Arthur and Merlin going on dates to exotic locales and slaying monsters together, AND THEN the awesome just increased. I love how rich and detailed you make the world, how you bring out the politics of the canon and make it feel perfectly like the show, only better. Also, I adore Merlin getting recognition from Uther and being involved in the council more than I can possibly say, that's just genius.
"At least he can't throw you into the dungeons," Arthur said.

"He can be
really disappointed in me," Merlin said, and tried to tug away a bit more of the blanket.

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