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I am not home yet (so no vid downloads until Wednesday, alas) but currently ensconced in a hotel in downtown Chicago, overlooking at the glowy hypnotic ferris wheel at Navy Pier and waiting for room service, after one of the most awesomest Vividcons ever. Life == \o/

I thought this was overall the strongest premieres vidshow since the second year of the con, and that continued into the challenge show. So so many good vids, omg.

BTW, a small pre-lj-cut PSA, if you are lucky enough never to have heard the song Handlebars and don't know the lyrics, do yourself a favor and wait to read vid reviews/listen to the song until you have watched flummery's Doctor Who vid to the song. Go, go.

As I haven't had a chance to rewatch vids, I am going to be talking totally haphazardly about random ones that have stuck with me enough I have something to say about them without that -- mentioned here under the cut are Climbing Up The Walls, the Doctor Who Handlebars, and Supersmart from Premieres; I Want You (She's So Heavy), How Much Is That Geisha In The Window, and White America from Challenge; and Rasputin from Club Vivid.

I really loved obsessive24's Climbing Up The Walls, the SPN/Firefly/Heroes incest vid, which parallels all three of these intense and claustrophobic sibling relationships, makes brilliant use of manips and stills and external source to believably construct them as incestuous, and then illustrates the consequences and degradation. Summary: incest is a DEAD END.

I also loved kiki_miserychic's challenge vid I Want You (She's So Heavy), the SPN incesty grindhouse mashup -- she mixed SPN with zombie movie footage and used some really cool distressed-footage effects to make SPN into the dark gay porn horror movie it wishes it was. Oh, or possibly that is me.

Those two hit in my personal sweet spot of "yay my show" and "yay my pairing" and "wow amazing" so I am ridiculously happy. (PS, any fluffy Sam/Dean fans, you seriously do want to watch these vids despite the darkness, but if you are all meep afterwards, I helpfully mention that you can watch Falling For The First Time, the happy fluffy Sam/Dean vid that sisabet made for me last year, and be happy again. :D)

On flummery's Handlebars, I am not a really big Who fan and haven't seen any Ten at all, but I had the benefit of seeing this vid at their place earlier this summer (without ever having heard the song before), and it blows me away. This is one of those songs that has and will undoubtedly be reused a lot, I think because it both has enough character and narrative to it to make it interesting and so that it can really support telling a character analysis story, but not so much or so specific that it makes it very hard to match to a particular character, but I have to say that I think it maps particularly brilliantly to Tennant's Doctor.

It's a story of childish male arrogance and the way that goes from innocently cute on the personal scale to terrifyingly destructive on a larger global one. And Doctor Who has all these vast extremes of scale to allow them to illustrate that story to great effect -- you have Ten being adorable and impish all the way to blowing up solar systems, all with the very best of intentions (saying this solely based on the vid and fannish osmosis, here). Scary and fabulous story, and also a completely clear vid -- Seah and Margie's vids for me often do this, have this extremely clean narrative line that looks so completely obvious when you watch the vid even for the first time, even without knowledge of the source, which seems deceptively simple until you realize how freaking hard it is to do in a music video.

I am biased about cesperanza's Supersmart because I betaed it, but I think it is awesome and also does a great job of taking a philosophical argument visual and illustrating it. I have to say that IMO the shot of the middle section is the one of Parrish, who is 95% fanon. Also, I want to draw giant sparkly hearts (well, MORE of them) around the end of the vid. <3

lierdumoa's vid How Much Is That Geisha In The Window was amazing and a powerfully scathing critique of Firefly's treatment of Asians (and of women, too, particularly women of color). The use of Civil War and Old West imagery and of Asian individuals from external footage overlaid on the show -- beautifully and seamlessly blended -- evoked the historical mistreatment and exploitation of Asian immigrants to expose the way Firefly exploits Asian cultural elements without actually giving Asians a voice or a face. The voiceover translation at the end was a great final thump. I think this is actually a kind of crossover vid that sits between the genres of political remix vids and traditional vids -- I've seen others like this, but this one was really effective.

It was much more successful for me than the anonymous White America. I thought this vid was most likely trying to say one of several things I find interesting and important, or possibly something I think is wrong, but it failed to actually say any one of them clearly enough. The only thing that I can say is that the vid was trying to stir up some controversy.

Club Vivid was awesome, and sparkly, and whoever did the ceiling lights got all fancy and patterny! Woo! It just makes me so damn happy to see this entire crowd of us all dressed to just as much of the nines as we want (for some of us this means getting into the elevens *g*), dancing and dancing, and watching vids, and talking, and confusing the various passers-by.

I was kind of dancing nonstop -- amazingly, working out regularly improves your stamina for dancing! -- and so didn't actually spend as much time vaguely bopping and watching the vids as I have in the past, but I was well placed at the edge of the dance floor and so had a good view during the SG-1 Daniel vid Rasputin ("Rah-Rah-Rasputin, lover of the Russian Queen" *sings over and over until someone hits me*) which killed me dead. Afterwards I poked barkley, who was dancing next to me, and was all, "Was that you!" in accusing tones, and she informed me it was sherrold and wickedwords being inspired by her and destina's Copacabana. Awesome. ♥ Also, I cannot WAIT to be watching the Club Vivid disk from the con DVD set.

Aside from the awesomeness of the vids, I just had a really great time hanging out both with people I have known for ages and also with many I had either never met or never really gotten to chat more with, in groups large and small. It was not quite enough, because it never is, but it was lovely. And to put the, um, okay, I was going to go to a sundae place but that would possibly not work right in context here, so er, to crown the weekend, celli sent me her in-progress Cook/Archie story of awesome unlike the MEAN AND HEARTLESS trelkez, who will be getting sadfaces in email from me pretty much nonstop until I am appeased, because it is not fair to taunt. ;__; So I totally don't care how much the rest of my so-called friends mocked me and my David Cook t-shirt, ha. :p

And with that, I am going to have a cup of tea and write a little fanfic and maybe see about hooking up a laptop to the TV here and watching some more vids.

Yay Vividcon!
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