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Yuletide Reveal: Entourage: Top Billing (Eric/Vince), and also PSA for fans4writers!

Have changed my icon back, as yuletide season is officially over in my head. *grins* So here is my reveal. Although so many people told me this was obvious, I didn't even offer to let people guess this time. /o\

Top Billing for scribewraith!
Entourage, Eric/Vince, 5400 words, adult & explicit
Eric looked at the bill and the neat little line of coke lying on the polished desk. This was clearly the beginning of the end, doing coke with Ari Gold on a Friday night, just so he could get i's dotted and t's crossed.

And andraste wrote Fun & Games for me! *hugs andraste and also casusfere and senji for my awesome treats, Commander and London Assignation!

There were also a heap of other fantastic Entourage stories this year, so check out the others too, yay!

Something else to check out, passed along from tightropegirl's post: the fans4writers group (supporting the WGA strike) had the last-minute chance to do a skytyping promotion at the Rose Bowl just this past New Year's Day, took a risk and did it with help from an intrepid fan who put her credit card on the table, and are now trying to raise funds to pay it back with a neat auction full of cool things like Battlestar Galactica scripts and soundtracks, props and photos and scripts from a bunch of other shows (Spike, Serenity, House, Law & Order, even a bicycle from Two and a Half Men), and a lunch and script critique with tightropegirl (aka Doris Egan, exec producer and writer on House) herself. :D
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