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May 2019



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Supernatural: Leader of the Pack (Sam/Dean)


Leader of the Pack (14,904 words)
Sam/Dean, adult, explicit
The hellhounds were milling around her legs, almost high as her waist: pale white hides and red eyes, long red tongues lolling out between their stained teeth, all of them panting like the exhaust of an eighteen-wheeler and staring right at him.

( Read the story )

With heaps of thanks to cesperanza and giddygeek and terrio!

ETA omg, DYING at jessikast's tiny bit spoilery pic in the comments. ♥!!!!

ETA2 and ALSO at this one by retrofit88!


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I read this and all I can think is Samuel, Lord of the Wild Hunt. Too much Anglo-Saxon mythology for this girl, but I love it all to bits.
Hee, yay, yes! The hounds were totally stolen from the Wild Hunt mythology! \o/
I love your Dean and Sam, and their little pack of hell hounds. You know, I had resisted Supernatural for a long time before you started writing it. I'm a grad student, I don't have time for another fandom! *sighs* Oh well. I loved it anyway.
*pretends to feel guilty but really doesn't*! :D So glad you liked!
I think the part that made me laugh most was when Timmy -- I mean Dean -- fell down the well.
*GRINS* That is kind of my favorite joke in the whole thing too. giddygeek's idea! \o/
You kick ass.

Loved it! So much. Angst and fun and sexy and...just...
Perfect. In particular...
He had to shove Sam off and walk a few steps away and cover his face, and then he had to crouch down on the ground because his knees weren't holding up, and then Sam was on him, wrapped around him and crying so he didn't have to, whispering, "Dean, Dean, goddamn you, you son of a bitch, I told you I would—I won't ever let—"

Love that.
Yay! *beams*
oh god

"they're good dogs"

of course they are, I love this Dean, I love this Dean so much

this totally hits my bullet proof kink of kindness and rewards having the strongest effect on evil ppl/things... and in general, this was awesome
*points* What she said.

And also, that first kiss... guh.
So, who's the real alpha god in this pack, hmmmm?

I love fandom hellhounds. Only fans would turn scary, scary, hell monsters into pets.
heeee, best freudian slip ever.

Dean is totally the alpha dog, except for how he is also a complete marshmallow for everyone else in the pack. <3
...and to think, we wanted to adopt greyhounds.

Seriously, I've been wanting to read a story like this SO BADLY and you made me SO HAPPY -- it's funny and hot and Sam's almost-out-of-control power just *does* things for me, and Dean with the dogs is absolute perfection.




Love love love love LOVE. Everything that makes me squeal to find in fic but badsex, man, and even then. NOT COMPLAINING. x)

I just, I. So much YES. Everything. The whole thing--the pacing! the tone! the consistency! the dialogue! And then plot on top of that. a;sdkjfaslkdjf.
I nearly choked laughing each time the hellhounds came out to play. And I totally googled "pegging." Bela is one twisted sister.

I have no idea how you managed to turn Sam becoming a demon and Dean getting saddled with SIX soul torturing hellhounds into a happy ending but I'm so glad you did. :D
Dean woke up after a couple hours squashed up against Sam with dogs at his back, sleeping across his feet, and one lying with its head pillowed on Sam's hip.

I really loved how Dean got used to the hellhounds and integrated them into the team. And Sam and Dean were wicked hot. :)
You wonderful, wonderful freak. Only Winchester's would make Lassies out of hellhounds.
Loved this fic.
I can't believe a story about Sam going demon-like would make me laugh, but it did. I loved the hellhounds and Sam with powers, but not going evil.
I had a blast reading your story. :)
This story makes me grin so freaking much. Sam becomes a quasi-demon and everyone is happy about it. And they gain hellhounds as pets! I love Dean's reaction to Bobby's suggestion at the end especially, and BELA. You nailed absolutely everything I love (and love to hate) about her. Fantastic.
Hellhounds: best pets ever, or best pets ever? I enjoyed this way too much.
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