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June 2018



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spn ouija yes by merryish

Supernatural: Aerial (Sam/Dean), and badly designed meme


This Blog Is Rated PG-13

(I wouldn't be relying too hard on their rating algorithm, is all I'm saying.)

I basically had a fit after handing in my copyedits, and in the eleventh hour dragged my husband out of the city for a week to go lie on a beach, which was lovely, and also I got a lot of writing done, yay, but now I am home and trying to catch up and now there are only 7 days before VVC vids are due omg. You can gauge my state of frantic by the fact that I finished and formatted this story three days ago, and then didn't have time to upload and post it. That is like not having time for CAKE. :/

Aerial (1,380 words)
Sam/Dean, adult, explicit
Sam found a way to get rid of them for almost a month at a time, a spell that lasted until the first night of the full moon.

( Read the story )

Many many thanks to giddygeek and merryish for betaing. In the interests of full disclosure, I will advise you, dear reader, that merryish insists that this story ends in sad circumstances. However, she is TRAGICALLY WRONG. In fact, I think she is SO wrong that I will submit it to the judgment of the public with a POLL.

Poll #1008781 Who is right:

Does this story have a happy ending?

Yes, absolutely, merryish is as wrong as wrong can be.
No, I hate kittens.
(think of the kittens!)


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*whimpers* holy crap, that was amazing and hot and YES. sdjghldwsg.
HOLY CRAP. Wow. Oh man. I need some time. Alone. So vivid, and sexy while still being hilarious and sharp, which is the best way ♥!
...I just got tricked into reading wingfic!

Damn it, and I liked it, too.
haha! stealth wingfic! :D
Hee! Hot and adorable. I love the paintball!

I said that merryish is wrong, but really it depends on how realistic a perspective you want to take on the story and the situation. I mean, if you think about it realistically, then Dean can basically never go out in public again (unless he manages to borrow Warren Worthington's harness), almost certainly never get close to someone else (sexually, emotionally, even physically,, because I bet someone pressed up behind him in an elevator would notice something hinky), and that's pretty tragic. But if you read it as crackfic, then it's all happy: they're together, they have safety, they have hot successful sex, it's joy and kittens!

Me, I like joy and kittens.
...although apparently I do not like closing my HTML tags properly. Bah.
JESUS FUCK....Wingfic...and...and...*FLAILS* Oh god the ending...flying...*FLAILS*


aq;w34wr uqpethfasifdh.
This has pretty much the happiest ending of Ever.
In fact, every time I read an unsatisfying ending from now on, I'm going to tack this onto the end to make everything better.
And by the icon above, I mean to say, Christmas in June kind of happy ending, here.
*stuffs fist into mouth and makes urgent squeaky noises*

You wrote WINGFIC. And it was HOT and sweet and just a little sad. I kind of love you, like. A lot.
*flails around a little*
Oh, i love that. The slow progression, the way they're all...nesty. Heh.
And sexy, yisssss...
forget the kittens. think of the hot and sweet and sticky sex.

That was so well done, and so visually vivid--I could see the sunlight, and the books...


And totally happy, if a bit lonely for the two of them.
merryish is ALWAYS right in these matters. And holy fucking GOD, that was hot.
I see she has infected you with her TRAGIC WRONGNESS. *shakes head very sadly!*
It's pretty miserably unhappy -- and FULLY AWESOME!

Though -- no, I don't know. It's hard to say how Dean would really respond to losing everything but Sam -- the road, the excitement of the hunt, his sense of himself as a good person *because of* the people he saves, just the freedom of being able to go out and kick around and get into trouble, or even to see or do something new for the rest of his life. I want to say that he'd be unhappy, but I suppose it's possible that he could see this as a well-earned retirement? Although, you know, I've known enough retirees who got bored and unhappy that I know "retirement" doesn't automatically = "happy ending" either. And he's a young guy -- younger than me, anyway, and I still have a BILLION things I want to see and do -- though of course he's already seen and done more than I have, so.... I don't know. It's an interesting question.

In conclusion: I hate kittens! But I love this story.
He wouldn't fit in the car with those wings, so it's a sad ending. So there! ;-P
merryish clearly hasn't been in SPN long enough to have re-calibrated her angst-o-meter properly. Frinst, I can't remember who summarized the S2 season ending as: "Sam is undead, Dean has a year to live, hundreds of demons are lose in the world -- and it's upbeat!" By SPN standards, this is *happy sparkly flying gay unicorns*.
I also thought it was gremliny kind of things at first, hahahahaahaha. This is awesome! I especially loved the end, actually - it's a gorgeous image and it felt hopeful to me.
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