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Archive: update and first call for volunteers

The discussion and brainstorming is still going on in An Archive Of One's Own. xenacryst has collected up a helpful subset of threads, with some more from taverymate in the comments there, if you're also overwhelmed by the volume and want to catch up with a few key ones.

And yes, I am going to try and put something together. What time I have is limited, but in any case, realistically no one person could commit all the time necessary to put this together; it's going to have to be a group project with a lot of delegation, so, probably a good idea to start it out that way.

First easy step, moving discussion of the project out of my personal lj: please join and watch otw_news. (Note -- this is not going to be the actual archive! it is just a place to discuss the project. *g*)

(I will also be tagging all posts in my own lj related to the archive with the tag "archive", if you want to subscribe to notifications for posts with that tag.)

( Next step, first call for volunteers ), with five jobs, mostly related to setting up the discussion community and collecting notes on what we've got so far. Please take a look and grab one if you can!

ETA to fix the link, duh, sorry.
Tags: meta, otw

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